Celina Jaitley: I am waiting for Homosexuality to be accepted legally

Celina Jaitley

As we all know Celina Jaitley has started blogging where she shares her thoughts on elections, the terror attack, security, the common man and myriad other issues which she feels she can contribute to.

Celina is the only Bollywood actor who is a Gay Right Activist and openly supports their stand.

Having worked on development projects related to HIV and AIDS, the actress is all set to unleash her ideas and share her thoughts with like-minded people.

“I believe actions speak louder than words.

As of today me and a couple of others have decided to start an initiation of ‘Voting for none provision’ I am waiting for a party to see what really and genuinely it has to offer to me, I am waiting for a feeling of security within my own city.

I am waiting to get a ration card and passport on time without red tapism, I am waiting for Homosexuality to be accepted legally, I am waiting for compensation to all who laid their lives, I am waiting for protection within 15 minutes of a terrorist attack, I am waiting to see my country at its full potential” Says the actress.

When we asked Celina about her recent venture she said, “I am very happy about the kind of response my blog has received.

I have received an offer to write a column in a newspaper too. But all that kept that aside, I thank everyone for the feedback and response. I am happy about the fact that it motivated many.

But will people’s response to this tragedy continue or will it fizzle out with time is my question and the next topic that I would write on. We have to hold together if we want a change in the system because I don’t want this fire to fizzle out.”

Way to go Celina.

Interview Source/Courtesy: S-B


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