I replaced Ash, tomorrow someone shall replace me too: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Brand ambassador for the Nakshatra brand, Katrina Kaif arrived at the launch of the new TV commercial which is quiet an achievement according to Bollywood standards.

The TV Commercial that was unveiled to the media has Katrina performing a cosmic ballet of sorts and controlling the cosmos.

Speaking about the ad shoot, Kat said, It was a little difficult for me to shoot this ad. I was in the US for three months shooting for the Yash Raj film with John and Neil. After I arrived back in Mumbai, I headed straight for Nakshatra’s shoot.

I basically had to do these weird hand moments and was surrounded by a blue screen all around for the special effects to be incorporated. My friend Ahmed Khan (choreographer) was a great help though. But when I saw the final result I felt it is simply awesome.

Aishwarya Rai was earlier the brand ambassador for Nakshatra. You replaced her?

Well I guess it’s the people who own any brand know better as in who suits for a particular product and who does not.

I have been seeing the Nakshatra ads featuring Aish since the time they came on air. I have loved them all. I now feel lucky to be a part of them. But I guess it’s a part of the industry that one replaces the other. Tomorrow someone else shall replace me too.

Mehul Chowksi, Chairman and MD Geetanjali gems pitched in between, “We felt she is the perfect representation of the young, trendy and fashionable woman that Nakshatra targets.”

We asked Mr. Chowksi how replacing Aish with Katrina how had it affected the brand?

“Our sales have improved considerably since we introduced Katrina as the new brand ambassador.” he revealed.

When asked Kat what was her criteria for selecting brands? She said, “So many offers come my way every time but I am very choosy. That’s why you see I feature in so less ad films. I lick to pick and choose.

I take my own decisions about selecting my brands and don’t consult anyone. I go by my gut feeling. If I zero down on a particular brand, I also do my own little research and if I feel satisfied then I go ahead with it.”

Having been voted the sexiest woman twice, what was her take on it?

“Any woman may feel nice to get compliments but you know what? When I am feeling very low and having a very bad day going on, it feels really nice when I realize that time, that hey I am the sexiest woman around! It makes me cheer up(smiles)” replied the beauty.

Akshay too was recently voted as Asia’s sexiest man, what did Katrina have to say about it? To which she said, “Well I hear everyone saying we both make a wonderful onscreen pair. Basically its fun working alongside him on and off the sets and our comfortablity perhaps reflects onscreen making it look so natural.”

Her recent release Yuvvraaj failed at the box office. Does she think her fans didn’t like her romantic pairing with Salman?

To which she replied with a smirk, “Well may be.”

When asked what her new year plans were and whether would she be performing?

She replied, “I have no plans as of now. But I definately won’t be performing on the New Year’s Eve after what has happened in Mumbai recently. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell all the women of India that they should not panic in situations like this.”

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