RDB – Rhythm Dhol Bass (Exclusive Interview with Amir Chaudhary)

RDB (an acronym for Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) are a Punjabi DJ production team consisting of three Sikh brothers; sunny, rameet and mafi ya punda who blend western genres with traditional Punjabi beats and vocals. Currently they perform both DJ sets and concerts all over the world, namely the UK, USA, Canada and India,

Jumpy [Underground Media] – : Hello how you doing RDB Djs?
RDB: Absolutely wonderful ! Currently I am writing from Mannheim near Frankfurt in Germany where all three brothers are on tour with a huge German band headed by a chap called Peter Maffay.

Jumpy: Ok a lot of RDB listeners just know u as RDB, tell us your names and which person does what job in RDB?
Well, im Kuly, I do the music production, djing, play the keyboards and tabla and also a little bit of singing. Then there’s my younger brother Manj aka Manjeet Ral. He’s the main vocalist for RDB, and also runs our music production studio in Toronto in Canada. Lastly is the youngest brother, Surj. He is the main DJ and tour/show organizer of the three.

Jumpy: How did you decided to form RDB & how long you have been involved in media?
RDB: We’ve always been involved in music in some form or other due to our upbringing. Either assisting our father at our local temple with kirtan and religious hyms, or joining in with our mothers side of the family who loved singing and playing music. In terms of actually forming RDB, it was probably around 10 years ago when all three brothers just wanted a combined name and banner to show off our remixing and djing skills. We started by making bootleg remixes and handing them out to our friends for free. After setting up our own website in the late 90’s, we got a lot of international attention and from there decided to go into djing and eventually original music production. Gradually we felt that there really wasn’t a clear voice for the actual artists, so in order to get the real person and artist across, we setup RDBTV.com and hence our very own online media tv channel, which has had unbelievable viewer ship from all over the world over its almost 2 year reign.

Jumpy: What do you think of the fusion of eastern n western music, and of Bhangra beginning to go “mainstream”?
RDB: Its excellent Bhangra is a genre of music which is made to be danced to.. and taking this amazing high energy vibe and integrating into other genres can only increase its potential, listening base at the same time as pushing our culture to others. All good points!

Jumpy: How important do you think success in the mainstream is for Asian artists?
RDB: Like any profession, one wants to always develop his or her skills and move to a bigger customer / listener base. I think breaking the mainstream is not as important as making good tunes. Most artists I know are just happy to release in the Bhangra market as long as the business is still good and lively.

Jumpy: How did you found Pakistani crowd and the concerts there?
RDB: Unbelievable. For me personally (Kuly), they were the most amazing shows we’ve ever done, simply due to the number of people.. 20,ooo + in one case, and how EVERYONE was singing our songs before we even started performing. The crowds in Pakistan are so full of love and energy for our music it’s a great joy to perform there.

Jumpy: A media revolution seems to be in session in Pakistan, mostly through music. Would you say this applies to other fields of media as well?
Definitely, we’ve now got more TV shows, radio shows and magazines then ever before and musically, thanks to international distributors and investors, Asian music has been crossing from east to west more than ever before.

Jumpy: How far do you see Pakistani media extend itself? What flaws do you see in Pakistani media today?
I wouldn’t know too much about the medias flaws as we are from the UK, but I am sure if they actively support new and old artists, and through promotion and shows push Asian music forward, we will all see a positive movement towards our music.

Jumpy: Tell us about your recordings (describe your style and every recording)?
Personally, my style is very relaxed I sit with the singers and play then a few beats, we bounce ideas and then record some guides. Then I probably spend a few days building and finally polishing.

Jumpy: What were your feelings when you saw the finished project for the first time?
Proudness and a sense of achievement of course, but also a little disbelieve that it was all over.. I suppose you just get used to working on a certain album and when everything is complete, its almost a shock but in a good way.

RDB - Rhythm Dhol Bass (Exclusive Interview)Jumpy: When you are releasing your next album?
We have just released a religious Sikh album on our newly formed own label Threerecords.com called Vaisakhi  The Birth of Khalsa. This is currently out right now in all shops and also online in all the usual digital delivery channels. Currently we are just finishing a few more final tracks on our own RDB album, which should be out this summer!

Jumpy: Sources of inspiration? What inspires you when composing a song?
Its simply a case of feeling a good vibe with the writers and singer.. the rest is effortlessly created with the correct team of musicians.

Jumpy: Are you guys collaborating with Pakistani artists for your new projects?
We may very well do, but all that is top secret right now. Hehe….

Jumpy: We can see many new artists coming out would you like to give them any message? And please also mention some of your favorite upcoming artists.
The message is simply work hard at what you do, spend time learning your skill, be it vocals or music, and always try get as much feedback as you can from your fans. There so many it is so hard to name names, but generally, anybody who is putting together good compositions with well structured and performed music and lyrics is also inspiring to ourselves.

Jumpy: Type of music you like/dislike?
As a producer, musician and dj, its impossible to have music I dislike I listen to everything from rock to reggae ton, house to hip-hop, Punjabi to south African music each song or piece can inspire you to write newer and better pieces yourselves.

Jumpy: If you have an opportunity to change you style of music then which one will you change to and why?
Hmmm, I don’t know, perhaps add more live instruments from the rest of world perhaps some south African drums, Spanish guitars, Romanian trumpets. Lol the possibilities are endless.

Jumpy: Who is your favorite music producer/composer/singer?
Impossible to answer.. from the late greats to the new upcoming artists, everyone has to be given props. Although right now I’ve got Khalesh Kair on repeat on my i-pod.

Jumpy: Where was the best crowd you’ve ever had in a concert?
Personally speaking. It was Lahore simply because of the energy!

Jumpy: As noticed, hardly any RDB videos can be seen on TV?
The videos are under copyright from our previous record label, which hasn’t released a dvd of them to keep them exclusive I am sure you will see a lot more from now on, especially with our Bollywood endeavors.

Jumpy: Where do you see yourself in next five years?
More albums, more tours, live performances, Bollywood showcases, Hindi scores, online tv worldwide domination lol. Who knows all up to the man upstairs!

Jumpy: You guys promote new artists there on RDBDJS.COM which is a very big thing, what is your criteria for that?
We just have to like what we hear.. if your voice, music or skills sound good we’ll give you a chance.

Jumpy: It was nice hearing your track for Namastey London, are you going to produce music for other movies as well?
Definitely, we are already in talks and in production on some other projects RDB taking over ! 🙂

Jumpy: Any plans for Hollywood?
Never say never anything is possible

Jumpy: Any special message for upcoming DJs?
Keep dropping those beats, rapping the artists and making those clubs and bars go crazy big respect!

Jumpy: What are your views on upcoming bands/artists?
From live bands, to producers and djs. As long as we making good music.. there is no stopping us we gotta push our music and culture to everyone and they gotta be part of the movement and they have been. Awesome work from a lot of new bands keep pushing it and we’ll get there!

Jumpy: Any message for our Jumpy E-Zine? 🙂
Big up ya selves ! massive respect to you guys for pushing the boundaries of journalism forward and dropping me some interesting questions 🙂 love what ya doing keep it up!

Jumpy: Would you like give any message for your fans and upcoming artists.
RDB: Just a massive thank you for anybody who has supported us if you enjoy any music from any artist, please support them and BUY the ORIGINAL CD do not download or buy pirates.. that’s the only way we can keep the finance within our industry so they can continue to make music you guys and girls enjoy ! Peace and one love!


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