High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Movie Review

What story? Does it really matter? Basically, the Wildcats have graduated to the big screen for their senior year with the daunting task of — guess what? — putting on a big show. In addition to performance anxiety, the singing and dancing kids must also figure out what to wear and who to bring to the prom. Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), in particular, have to figure out what is to become of their romance when Gaby goes to Stanford, while Troy stays in Arizona. Adding to the drama is the fact representatives from Julliard will be in attendance at the show and their approval could be just the showbiz break these young talents are looking for. All of this interstitial storytelling is just an excuse to launch into one of the 10 big musical numbers written for this theatrical continuation of the enormously successful Emmy-winning Disney Channel TV films, and although the songs seem to have come out of the same cookie cutter mold, the production values make this HSM an eye-popping celebration of song and dance that


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