Exclusively Launching & Introducing Raaz The Band

Jumpy is back with another upcoming talent “Raaz The Band, debut song Chaltay Jana Hai also added in mp3 format. Please show some love and support to this upcoming talent & Team JUMPY also wish them very best of luck in the initial days of their career.


A child was born on 9th march 1986 in the city of Iqbal Sialkot city. Her mother gave birth to the first and only baby son in his family and after consulting to various scholars named him MUHAMMED WAQAS ALI. Then he shifted to Abu Dhabi along with his family where he grew up and completed his higher education.

Click here to download the debut track “Chaltay Jana”

His sister gifted an acoustic guitar on his birthday when he was only 8 years old due to the passion and love of music which she feels since his early childhood. The passion started to develops more and he loves to sing and copy the classical songs of USTAD NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN and USTAD AMANAT ALI KHAN. Later on he shifted to Pakistan for the completion of his higher education and completed ACCA. Waqas on his 20th birthday he organized a musical party where one of his friend named BILAL FAROOQ offered him as a lead vocals in his band after listening to the performance and amazing vocal quality and singing skills.

BILAL FAROOQ was the lyricist and rhythm guitarist of RAAZ THE BAND and has worked with many of the famous artists of Pakistan Music industry who later on left BILAL after stealing his lyrics and compositions. Bilal wants to present His message to the youth and peoples who respects for love and peace with his feelings of music. He chooses Waqas Ali for expressing his thoughts. Bilal is the RAAZ which means secret of this band who does not strives for fame but wants to show Waqas as his shadow face in front of the screen play.

As JUNOON was the only pure rock band in Pakistan but no one has laid the concept of mixing soft rock tunes with progressive metal and hard rock distortions with trio. So introducing first time in Pakistan real metal distortions with live drum sessions with the mix of soft tunes.

As there is no availability of such high fidelity recording facilities in Sialkot City where a bandist can record live jam metal session but it is the hard work and dedication which gave birth to extraordinary music which is represented in the music of RAAZ.


Share Good music with all the RAAZDARS as u all are the part of RAAZ, this is what we can do. RAAZ is a part of all of you and your love and support gives us courage to produce more good music to share.

First of all thanks to ALLAH the ALMIGHTY who gave us courage and energy for producing good music to share with u. and special thanks to Amir Chaudhary and the team of j4jumpy for giving us chance and supporting our music, RJ Sikander Ghauri, Nasir (Nesi SHOOTS) and all our supporters and critics who make us learn from our mistakes.

Muhammed Waqas Ali – Lead Vocals
Bilal Farooq – Rhythm Guitar
Aun Abbas – Keyboard
Julius Jones – Metal Guitar
Salman Farooq – Base Guitar
Tauqeer Haider – Drummer

Click here to download the debut track “Chaltay Jana”

Raaz Band Official LOGO


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