2D animation is evergreen – Ram Mohan

CGTexpo, Mumbai: Is evergreen style of classical two dimensional (2D) animation being over-shadowed by the emergence of the modern three dimensional (3D) image? “No doubt 3D technology is coming up but classical is yet not obsolete. Most of the landmark movies made in the history of animation were in 2D and if not, they had certain principles of animation which are applicable to all the mediums of animation,” says Ram Mohan, father of Indian animation and Chairman of Graphiti School of Animation. With decades of experience behind him, Ram Mohan believes that the classical form of animation is still alive and will remain relevant in the years to come. No matter what the technology, 2D will complement it and aid the creative process.

“Today’s young generation considers that every thing can be done through the digital medium. The digital medium is just a tool but rest relies on one’s own creativity,” says the animation stalwart. Showcasing clips from some of the best national and international animation films, Ram Mohan traced the development of animation and explained how it was intertwined with the technology used, making landmarks in the process. Using a clip from The Simpsons movie, Ram Mohan demonstrated how one can create a character which is simple, but at the same time appealing.

“One of the most necessary components is ‘great characters’ – the most unforgettable ones you ever met,” he said referring to the Simpsons. The other important details that made a movie a landmark, he said, were a narrative that hooks the viewer within the first 10 seconds, compelling and evocative designs that bring about a total suspension of disbelief, technical excellence which blends the real and the virtual seamlessly, the knack of picking the right tools for the right job, an awareness of the history of cinema and of animation – in terms of period, genre and style. He finally asked aspiring filmmakers and students to make a personal statement in which every single frame is work of art and warned against techno jingoism.


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