Akshay Kumar’s Chemistry With The Lingerie Models

Akshay Kumar’s Chemistry With The Lingerie Models
Akshay Kumar has developed a huge craze among girls! The action star was recently mobbed by besotted models who insisted the actor to consider them in his upcoming flick ‘Tees Maar Khan’ while he was attending a Farah Khan-choreographed lingerie show.

Well, the star-struck models did more than flaunting their stunning figures as the whole action turned into a catfight. With Akshay starring in ‘Tees Maar Khan,’ the models deduced that the star might need a leading lady and flooded the actor with requests.

Talking to a news daily, a close source said, “Akshay and his wife Twinkle were seated in front of the stage. Those girls were smiling at Akshay from the ramp itself.”

Incidentally, as soon as the show was over, a bunch of models walked up to the actor and said, “‘Tees Maar Khan’ mein fit kara do.” A surprised Akshay told them that the flick required only one lead actress. The scene soon turned ugly as the girls started fighting among themselves. Realising that the girls won’t budge, Akshay sent them to Farah, the director of the film, by warding them off as, “Please understand. It doesn’t work like this. You have to speak to Farah only.”

When enquired Farah, the choreographer turned director said, “Yes, I know about this. Those girls were auditioning for Akshay. All the girls who participated in the show had great bodies. I have collected quite a few portfolios in the last few days. Let’s see who gets selected eventually.” Source


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