CID swoops down on Adnan Sami’s father in hospital

On Thursday afternoon an impromptu CID raid was conducted on Adnan Sami and his critically-ill father at the Kokilabehn-Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital to ascertain the authenticity of the documents pertaining to Adnan’s father’s medical treatment in a hospital on foreign soil. This seems to be a further attempt to demoralize the Sami family in the ongoing legal and media-oriented battle between the singer and his wife Sabah. The raid that took place late afternoon had Adnan and his parents stunned. Says Adnan, “We had no idea this was going to be the next salvo from our beloved opponents. I wasn’t in the hospital when the CID members swooped down on the ICU section where my Dad is kept. My mother was with my comatose father when they asked for our papers. Our enemies would be saddened to know we had all the relevant papers for my father’s treatment in the hospital.” Sighs Adnan, “Even the worst enemy shows leniency towards the ill. Not these people, I guess.”


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