Freida Pinto becomes new face of L’Oreal Paris

If the saying, ‘An actor is as famous as his last film’ is any parameter to gauge someone’s success, then, Freida Pinto should be kilometers ahead of all the Bollywood’s heroines. All that it took for her was an Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire that changed the fortunes of practically everyone who was even remotely associated with it. Freida, who has by now, redefined the term ‘overnight sensation’, is on cloud nine for she has been chosen to endorse products by L’Oreal, the cosmetic giant.

“I am very moved to be joining the great L’Oreal Paris family, a family I am now proud to be a part of” says Frieda. This piece of news simply puts aside all the rumors of her being the face of Estee Lauder, to complete rest. Make hay while the sun is still shining, Freida.


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