If You INCEST… Here’s truth: Adhyanan isn’t cheating on Kangana

If You INCEST… Here`s truth: Adhyanan isn`t cheating on KanganaBy Subhash K Jha

Stories about the breakup with Kangana Ranaut have Adhyayan Suman going red with anger and indignation. Some suggest it’s all a publicity gimmick to support the Bhatts’ on-release film Jashn which stars Adhayayan and Shahana.

But Mahesh Bhatt scoffs at the very idea. “I find the idea that Vishesh Films started the rumours amusing. Because the move would be counter-productive to our film.

Adhyayan and Shahana play brother and sister in Jashn. And since it’s not about incest how would the link- up help our film?”

Fumes Adhyayan “These rumours seem to be centered on Jashn. Earlier I was linked with Anjana Sukhani and now Shahana who’s a pal.I don’t know whose idea of good publicity for Jashn this is. But it’s digusting.

Shahana is a pal. There’s nothing more to to our friendship.

I’ve a girlfriend. Kangana is very beautiful in her heart, and physically. I am not the kind of guy who has affairs on the side.”

So where do these rumours come from?

“Search me!” shrugs Adhyayan. “I’d never blame the Bhatts. Mahesh Bhatt Saab is like a father. He has taught me so much.”

But the young actor does find it strange that rumours regarding Kangana and him floated during the release of the Bhatts’ Raaz 2 earlier, and now when Jashn is around the corner.

He also admits it’s true that Shahana was ‘banned’ by the co-directors Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderbadwala from the sets of Jashn although she plays a pivotal part in the film.

Says Adhyayan, “I protested on her behalf. You can’t do this to her when she’s the film’s female lead. Bhatt Saab had to intervene to allow Shahana to come on the sets as and when she liked.”


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