Is Katrina Kaif Ignoring Salman’s ‘Veer’ ?

Is Katrina Kaif Ignoring Salman’s ‘Veer’ ?
The most talked about relationship of Bollywood is that of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. They claim to be a couple for five years but a sword of confusion always hangs over their relationship. Whenever, they speak about their personal relationship, they sound very dull. It is very often reported that the couple has been broken up but Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif never went public about their relationship. Salman even has objection regarding various issues of Katrina.

He is not happy when Katrina wears revealing clothes or acts opposite his rival. He avoids Katrina and John starrer, ‘New York’ and it seems Kat has taken a revenge of the same by not watching the first promo of ‘Veer’. Salman has been receiving accolades for his look and acting in ‘Veer’ but Katrina prefers to give it a miss. When quips about taking a glance at Salman’s ‘Veer’, Kat said that she has not yet seen ‘Veer’ promo. Source


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