Katrina Kaif Is Alright Now

Katrina Kaif Is Alright Now
As we have reported earlier, Katrina Kaif is not well for quite sometime now. It was formerly believed that she’s suffering from Jaundice and low heamoglobin count but now it is known that the pretty woman is suffering from endometrioma – a condition where a tiny patch of endometrial tissue bleeds, sloughs off, becomes transplanted, grows and enlarges inside the ovaries. Fortunately, the actress has been diagnosed early and she’s out of the hospital in a day.

Katrina was admitted to a South Mumbai hospital and was operated on Wednesday morning. A source revealed Katrina had an operation on Wednesday morning and the surgery went on for an hour. It is a one-time surgery and there are no after-effects. She is fine now and has been advised rest for two days.

Katrina Kaif’s official spokesperson said that Katrina has just been discharged from Breach Candy Hospital and is completely fine now. Because of her system’s low hemoglobin level, she had to undergo a small surgical procedure. It’s done with now and she’s resting at home, after which she will take off for her annual Christmas break. According to sources, Salman Khan’s mother was Kat’s constant companion in this ordeal. Salman too was there when Kat was getting operated. Source


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