Rebirth of pop music – MAHA JAVERIA AHMAD talks to Zulfiqar Khan, lead singer of an emerging Pakistani musical band

lead guitarist & vocalist of the band callHaving acquired a particular status and position in India, the band Call is loaded up with additional work! And why not! After all, the entire band is constantly graved in making sincere efforts to attain outstanding success. Call is considered to be Pakistan’s most popular band, based on Junaid Khan, Sultan Raja and of course Zulfi!

Many singers have just lent their voices across the border except Call. For the third time, the band obliges the Bollywood industry by composing, recording and ultimately consigning the track across the border. “Creative freedom and control! This way I’m able to do things my way I learn more about music, the liking and disliking of the neighbouring country and how I can create harmony that doesn’t hurt my creative integrity but at the same time satisfies them too.”

And so the band has cut a fresh deal! When I inquired Zulfi concerning his new commitment,
“Every moment that I’ve let myself free to and that which I’ve been volatile to. What people do might inspire me, but people themselves have rarely done. I have always had ideas about life that deviate from the norm. I think I keep on rediscovering myself, and that journey to find myself, again, gives me motivation and inspires me to be me.”

He started playing non-seriously at the age of 12 “but got a bit serious around 8 years back- haven’t looked back or even wanted to since then,” adjoins Zulfi.

Even though the entire band has day jobs to follow, it has been quite a journey for them. “I can’t really pinpoint how and what has evolved since Laree Chootee was released, as sometimes, it all feels like a dream.”

Coming to the key subject of this interview is the new song called ‘Dharkay Jiya’. “Laree Chootee was Call’s first Bollywood venture. And the story was somewhat the same as Dharkay Jiya. I was briefed about the movie’s basic idea, and I actually liked it a lot, so ended up making Laree Chootee within a few days.

Similarly, Dharkay Jiya… It just came out of the blue! Aftab Shivdasani called one day from the US while he was shooting for this movie named as ‘Aaloo Chaat’. The situation for which he wanted the song was a romantic one. So he asked me to write and compose something particularly for that
I finally was able to write and sing something, which I actually fell in love with. Sent the demo to the movie people and it was instantly liked and accepted, thankfully. I haven’t been this close to a song since I started making them. I hope the love in it can be seen, heard and felt by whoever it reaches to.”

The movie, Aaloo Chaat is a very lighthearted family comedy, plus a love story that goes along with it. And as the name suggests, it’s pretty spicy just like the dish Aaloo Chaat.

The scene at which this song becomes visible is the only point in the movie where the girl and the guy are actually able to meet each other alone after a long time. “But this lonely moment is not at all cheesy or over mushy. It’s a very cute moment, nothing very dancy and fancy!”…Hence Call’s first romantic love song that, his fans will certainly have a high regard for.

Zulfi surely knows his work from the root and the way it should be endeavoured. He is of the kind who also believes that the label of India definitely brings forth a flourishing future. “It does matter. And why wouldn’t it? India is a bigger market. More people get to hear and listen to you. Besides, people here in Pakistan are glued more to Indian channels than Pakistani ones. So obviously, we get more exposure there. The Indians have better facilities in general, but it is not like we don’t have them. We do, but not in every studio. But I think raw talent exists here in Pakistan. And that is what gives us the edge over them.”

junaid khan - lead vocalist of call the band

junaid khan - lead vocalist of call the band

Explaining the process of creating Pakistani music and Indian music, states Zulfi “Well, I don’t work in a different way for both the markets. Actually, there is one song in the album which has been taken as it’s for a movie too which is yet to release. Some people think that I’m just confined to rock music. I admit that rock is something that gets me extreme and aggressive on stage and even when I’m writing rock music and lyrics, they motivate me quite intensely. But, I do have a very prominent softer side to me, which I cannot put out with loud music accompanying it. I would be sane enough to make sure that something as delicate as ‘Dharkay Jiya’ is not put out harshly. It has to be put out softly. That’s the only way it will make an impact.”

Conversing about Junaid being the lead vocalist and how Zulfi tends to sing the Bollywood songs. With a mysterious smile, Zulfi reacts, “Junaid is, and will remain the lead vocalist of the band. Actually, it’s pretty weird how I’m asked this question over and over again. Indian Cinema music works entirely in a different way to how it’s worked here in Pakistan. Besides, there’re some other bands that have two vocalists, but those bands are never asked this question. So Call won’t be asked this question too. J”

Sharing his special moments, “There were quite a few humorous incidents that occurred before and during the video shoot. The way the video had to be shot was different from whatever we had done before. It was to be shot on high speed i.e. we would have to play and sing the song at double the speed. Practicing that was downright funny as while playing the guitar, Sultan and Junaid had to keep their expression very pleasant while they play at a higher speed, and that they couldn’t really do in the beginning as playing at this faster speed was making all of us laugh like anything, we couldn’t really focus on expressions at all, ha-ha! When I had to practice singing at the high speed, we all couldn’t stop laughing, but worry not, we have shot the making of the video as well, and we plan to release it. ”

Keeping the name of the album as a surprise for his fans, Zulfi told S+ about the style, its genre, label etc. “There isn’t one style that the album caters to. We are dominantly a rock band, so the album’s obvious and natural feel is rock. We’ve made sure that we’re not stereotypical in our expression anywhere in the album, be it a dark theme or a motivational one.

The album is done and we are looking for a Feb-March release.

“All songs in the album are my favourites to be honest, as I wrote every one of them at a specific point in time in my life. It comprises of Kyun, Abhi dair hai, Yeh Pal, which just got released a week ago. ”

But at this very moment, Dharkay Jiya is my favourite, which the interview is all about.” includes Zulfi.

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