Strike Update: Talks fail, distribution strategy of release is thorny issue

There’s no solution yet! A crucial meeting between producers/distributors’ UPDF and multiplexes was held on Monday afternoon [18th May] at Grand Hyatt, Santacruz and everyone was confident that the stalemate would end today. But no, it hasn’t! The terms offered by multiplexes are – Week 1: 50% [UPDF demand: 50%] Week 2: 42.5% [45%] Week 3: 32.5% [40%] Week 4: 27.5% [30%] The bone of contention is the distribution strategy of release, with UPDF feeling that they have a right to select its own strategy and what theatres they want to release their films in, but the multiplexes wants UPDF to supply prints to all the properties of the multiplexes. The UPDF and multiplexes didn’t arrive at a consensus and the talks, unfortunately, failed again. The producers will stick to their stand of releasing their films at single screens and stand-alone multiplexes from 29th May onwards. The next meeting between UPDF and multiplexes is not yet scheduled.


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