Meray Mutabiq by Dr.Shahid Masood (Geo TV) 28-11-09

Dr. Shahid Masood brings fresh episode of Meray Mutabiq

Plot Summary:
Merey Mutabiq (28-11-09) – Democracy in Pakistan means – Filter the corrupt most and put them on the highest posts. Is zardari and allies the corrupt most in Pakistan. This program was banned to run from Dubai studio on the request of Pakistani authorities. NRO and the beneficiaries are discussed. NRO and beneficiaries are extensive being discussed but no one talk about the conditions why such ordinance was passed. Had the beneficiaries agreed to hand over Pakistan by allowing the enemies for all the fitna and fassad.

Watch (part 1/6)
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Watch (part 2/6)
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Watch (part 3/6)
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Watch (part 4/6)
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Watch (part 5/6)
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Wartch (part 6/6)
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