Kim Kardashian’s Pepsi Max Ad (Photos)

Kim Kardashian’s PEPSI MAX Ad sneak preview. Kim posted these gorgeous photos on her blog and I have to say that I was right from day one when she was once Paris Hilton’s BFF, when I literally first started the blog two and a half years back I knew Kim would discover her way to stardom. Hey.. whatever you think. We love Kim

Kim Kardashian’s Pepsi Max Ad (Photos)

many more fabulous photos of Kim’s Pepsi Max photo shoot below..

Kim looks absolutely amazing in these photos, doesn’t she? Do you know what makes Kim feels sexy? You’d have never guessed… Sweating! Working up a sweat is sexy.. sure, like working out in a gym because you feel good and confident about yourself. That makes a whole lot of sense.

What does Kim think is the unsexiest thing a guy can ever do?


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