I hate it when men say, ‘You’re too sweet Sonal’: Sonal Chauhan

Sonal ChohanBy Devansh Patel

Devansh (D) – Which is your last date you can recall?

Sonal (S) – Honestly, I don’t really go out on dates. I sometimes wonder what a ‘date’ really means. This is my first date ever with a journalist and if a date means to go out with a guy and dine, my last one was just two days back.

S – You are an expert, considering you’ve gone out on dates with so many actresses (laughs).

D – Yeah Ok but can’t you recall one date of yours for me?

S – Ok fine. There is this one date that I really remember. It was with my ex-boyfriend. We had gone to Olives in Bandra which is one of my favourite restaurants. It was just a regular dinner we were supposed to go for but it turned out to be so special. The food, the music and…

D -…and the man, of course. What if our date was in Olives and not at the Marriott?

S – There is an advice for all guys. You should never date two different men at the same place (laughs)

D – You’re doing this film with M.F.Hussain’s son, Owais Hussain. You don’t mind me asking you questions on films, do you?

S – I always want to be with a man who can talk about my work also. So that’s nice of you. I was shooting in Bangalore when I got a call from my manager saying there is a film which is being directed by Owais Hussain.

It interested me because I’ve watched Hussain saab’s films with Owais being a co-director in all of them and also because Santosh Sivan was the DOP. I came to Mumbai and met them and I was on.

D – What’s the film all about? Is it to do with paintings?

S – The film has nothing to do with paintings. Owais himself is a painter and his sensibilities are that of a painter. So every frame was beautiful. When he narrated me the script, it felt like he was painting on a canvas.

D – What’s the movie to do with?

S – I cannot tell you that.

D – Now that’s untrue. Spit it out girl.

S – I am serious. It’s too early to talk about the film which is still untitled. It’s a romantic film and very interestingly romantic.

D – Have you been on a date with Emraan Hashmi?

S – No never. In the movie, yes. It was Jannat, I tell you (laughs).

D – What’s your type of a man?

S – This is one question I’ve never been able to answer. I don’t know myself what is my kind of a guy. For me, it’s more important about that one moment where you click with a person and you know that he is the right choice.

D – So it hardly takes you a few seconds to decide your Mr Perfect.

S – Not seconds but at least ten minutes. I still haven’t found my type of a guy.

D – After Shilpa Shetty, it’s you Sonal who has a great body.

S – Thank you so much. You’re right. Shilpa has a great body too.

D – And what should other women do?

S – Women should just work, enjoy and get pampered. Pampering is more about loving someone, taking care of them and making them feel they are special.

D – What’s the most beautiful gift you’ve ever received which you still cherish?

S – I won’t be able to explain what it was but one day I had a big fight with my friend. Normally people gift soft toys or flowers to make you feel special after a fight but he gave me a lovely letter saying ‘I’m sorry and I know that you’re smiling right now’. It was something very sweet. When I read that line, I started smiling.

D – What’s that bad quality in you which you fear the most?

S – I think sometimes I become this emotional fool and people take me for a ride. I am stubborn and that’s not good. I am too possessive and that’s bad too. (laughs)

D – Are you a late night person?

S – Not really. But I love sleeping. I can sleep for hours and hours.

D – You love chocolates, you sleep, you eat junk food and then you’ve got a figure like that.

S – (laughs) It’s true. Only once in my life I had become very chubby and I didn’t realise it then.

D – What were you good at in your school days?

S – I was in Delhi Public School and back then I loved watching movies. I used to live in this filmy world where I thought my Raj would also come (laughs). I can still watch DDLJ everyday. I love that film. I am so filmy that I can sing any old Hindi film song but please don’t test me on this today.

D – Which actress did you look up to while you were in school?

S – Kajol. I think she creates magic when she comes in front of the camera. I loved her in Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha.

D – Are you philosophical in nature?

S – For that, you’ll have to take me out on another date (laughs)

D – Where would you like to go out on your second date with me?

S – I like a place called Aurus in Juhu. We can go there. But may be I should take you out on our second date. It’s a perfect night spot.

D – For me, our second date idea is more delicious than this cake lying here. I’d get hold of your house keys and by the time you arrive home at night, a grand feast is ready waiting for you.

S – Oh wow! That’ll be great.

D – Ok. let’s try this. I’ll take you out on your longest date ever. We both fly together from Mumbai to London. I take you to Bond Street and Regents Street and you can shop there.

S – You are so romantic. How amazing would that be.

D -…and how would you dress me up for our second date?

S – I won’t undress you for sure (laughs). I would love to have you wearing a white linen shirt with denims. How would you dress me?

D – Same first half of your answer Sonal (laughs). I’d love to see you in a white tight capri along with a nice loose top.

D – It’s been an hour long date Sonal. Good?

S – Excellent.

D – So any dating tips for the men lurking to go out with you?

S – My man should smell good. He should not try hard to impress and be casual. I hate it when people say – “You’re too sweet Sonal”

D – On that note, thank you for this special and a memorable date. You were too sweet (laughs).


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