Amitabh Bachchan open to acting in Middle East films

Bachchan said he would consider offers to act in films made in the region
– By Sunil K. Vaidya, Oman Bureau Chief / Published: 12:49 March 13, 2010 by Gulf News

Amitabh Bachchan open to acting in Middle East films

* Amitabh Bachchan with Indian ambassador to Oman, Anil Wadhwa and Mohsin Al Balushi, Advisor at the Minister of Commerce and Industry. * Image Credit: Sunil K. Vaidya/Gulf News

Muscat: India’s iconic film star – Amitabh Bachchan – has said he is open to act in any film made in the Middle East Region.

“Sure why not. If there is something constructive and there is a viable proposition I will surely act in them.”

Bachchan said in reply to a question if he would consider offer to act in a film made in the region.

In a brief interaction with media on his arrival at the Muscat International Airport on Friday, Bachchan also had a good word to say about the Muscat Film Festival.

“No place is small for any kind of international event,” he said referring to Muscat Film Festival during which Bachchan will be honored.

“Every place has its own importance,” he stressed, adding that the central location of Muscat was very important.

“The fact that it is so close to India and many other western countries, it is always welcome to have an international (film) festival here Muscat),” he reckons.

“Films are an entity that promote integration, happiness, friendliness amongst people and I do believe it is one of the greatest integrators of the world today,” he said about the world cinema in general.

He reiterated that the films bring people together. “Therefore, he added, any form of international film festival is always very welcome.”

This is my very first visit to Oman. I feel honoured and delighted, as the Muscat International Film Festival committee has decided to honour me with a lifetime achievement award.

“I am very humbled and grateful. I feel the honour is more for the Indian film industry rather than me individually.”

“It (Muscat) looks beautiful from the air,” he said with a smile.

Oman has unexplored natural sights for world cinema to explore for their locations and when asked if he would see more Indian films shot here, Bachchan said: “I think many of our films have been actually shot here.”

“My son has shot a film here and if there is an opportunity for me in the future I would be happy to be here.”

When Gulf News asked, if he had had received any tips on Oman from his ‘Paa’ (his son Abhishek played his father in film named Paa), Bachchan laughed and said yes.

“He (Abhishek) said it is a beautiful place and very lovely people, very warm, very friendly, there is a natural beauty, there is desert, sea as well as the mountains, which is a unique feature,” he enthused, and stressed that he would like to explore some sites during his brief three-day stay.

“For me it is a very personal delight because the international film festival is honouring me with the lifetime award,” he pointed out.

“Any recognition that is given to any individual from my country is a recognition given to my industry and indeed to the country,” he said proudly.


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