Bipasha Basu converts into a Muslim girl

For the part, she not only wore a burkha for the first time, she also experimented with her hairstyle and for the first time changed the colour of her eyes.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

The actress plays a character called Aziza, who is a modern politically active and aware, Kashmiri girl. Bips says, “She is not dainty so don’t expect a Kashmir-ki-kali kind of look.”

In the film she wears plain salwar kurtas with PT shoes, and her head is covered with dupatta at all times, “I also wore lots of printed, colourful dupattas with plain earthy-coloured salwar kurtas. Everything was loose and oversized. I could wear nothing fitted in this film,” and she wears no make up for most part, save the kaajal.

The Bengali actress adds that she wore colored contact lenses as their director of photography Jamie Fowlds insisted, “I wear green contact lenses for the film. I am used to wearing lenses in films but I have to say the green lenses looked really good.” She has also worn a burkha for the first time in the film.

She claims she has never worn it even off-screen like some actresses do when they want to travel incognito, “Rocky got me the burkha. I have never worn it ever before.”

She goes on to say that the film is very special to her, “Because we faced a lot of hardships to make it. The director (Rahul Dholakia) and producer (Bunty Walia) were passionate and made sure it was made the way it was meant to be. It was a memorable experience.”

Designer speak
Rocky S says, “Since the character is a complex strong individual my motive was to portray Aziza’s essence to the tee. My research included a lot of intricate detailing taking into consideration the kind of fabrics and colours that are preferred by Kashmiri locals. Tweed phirans in dull earthy tones along with kurtas were used to show a clear distinction over the seasons through autumn to winter. Bipasha’s accessories and burkhas were authentically purchased from Kashmiri shops in and around Lal Chowk and Dal Lake.”


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