Censor Board objects to a song from RGV’s Agyaat

Well, if at all there is anyone who can be called as the personification of controversy… better still… controversy’s favorite child, then, needless to say that Ram Gopal Varma will win it hands down! Not the one new to problems and disagreements, Ramu is at in again, this time with the Censor Board asking him to re-edit the track ‘Jai Shri Shambhu’ from his forthcoming film Agyaat. The Censor Board reasoned it out that in the said track, the film’s lead heroine Priyanka Kothari, is seen puffing a chillum while she croons ‘Dum Maaro, Yeh Hai Sahara’. The Board asked to re-edit the said song, but only for television as it depicts substance abuse. On his part, Ramu, who is aghast with the turn of events, opined, ”People can take drugs and show in film, that’s ok. There is so much discretion on part of censor board. However, as a law abiding citizen of the country, I’ll go with whatever the law says.” Way to go, Ramu!


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