Cops bust Sonam and Imran’s late night soiree

Sonam and Imran

Imran & Sonam

All were in high spirits on the sets of I Hate Luv Stories recently after the wrap up of the shoot on the last day in new Zealand. The young crew was in a mood to party and went all out in letting their hair down.

Puneet Malhotra along with #Imran-Khan , #Sonam-Kapoor , and the entire crew shook a leg to the loud music played on an iPod. The crew had a gala time letting themselves loose and celebrating the completion of the shoot so much so that cops had to intervene.

At this wrap up party, most of choreographer Bosco’s songs were being played and ‘Pappu Can’t Dance’ stole the show with #Imran-Khan being the centre of attraction for this song.#Imran-Khan and #Sonam-Kapoor also caught the vibes and danced to a number standing on the dining table which had everyone jump off their feet. The crowd was totally engrossed in the party and did not realize that they had danced almost till the wee morning hours until the cops came and stopped the party.

They were shooting in Queenstown which is generally a quiet place and the neighbors complained of the loud music. The cops were generous enough to not create any hassle and asked the crew to continue partying but in a club and not near a residential area.

The entire crew, consisting of about 40 people, straight away headed to a bar in the vicinity and partied till about 7 a.m. It seems they still couldn’t get enough and #Sonam-Kapoor, along with a few crew members, took off for skydiving after the party. Now that’s what we call a celebration!


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