Did Ranbir and Deepika make up?

#Ranbir-Kapoor and #Deepika-Padukone ‘s movie date – does it mean anything?
Ranbir and DeepikaLooks like the relationship between #Ranbir-Kapoor and Deepika Padukone has finally begun to thaw. Fans will recall that their torrid love affair hit an iceberg late last year and has since remained in the freezer! The two actors were recently spotted at a swanky multiplex in Mumbai, attendinga late-night showing of Deepika’s latest release, Housefull.

“Everybody (present at the cinema) was visibly surprised when Deepika and Ranbir walked into the multiplex for the 10.45pm show. The audience was quite distracted on seeing them,” a witness said.

What should we make of it? Should we expect a ‘we are just friends’ statement? Or is it for the sake of the RK tattoo that Deepika sports?

Only time will tell. Until then, we’ll play the guessing game!

[Source:Courtesy: Gulf News]


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