Guess who are the new friends in town?

#Shah-Rukh-Khan and #Akshay-Kumar’s race to be the numero uno star in #Bollywood might have initially come in the way of them becoming close friends but things have changed now. While the two aren’t struggling to establish their star status this time, they are trying to outdo each other as far as being generous is concerned.

Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar

Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar

The latest is that Shah Rukh sent a congratulatory SMS to Akshay praising him for his performance in Housefull . Apparently, he liked Akshay’s histrionics in the film. Shah Rukh also gave Akshay a very expensive watch. Akshay, who wanted to reciprocate the gesture, sent a far more expensive watch to SRK.

Not so long ago, Akshay had given health tips to Shah Rukh. Akshay, who had a painful back problem for many years, empathized with Shah Rukh who had to undergo back and shoulder surgery Akshay had said in an interview, “Every time I meet Shah Rukh, we talk about his back pain and the remedies. I have discussed water treatment (hydrotherapy) with him at length.”

It was heard that Shah Rukh was extremely miffed when his close friend Farah Khan signed Akshay for her next film, Tees Maar Khan. But going by this recent gift exchanging spree, looks like the two stars have forgotten all their differences.


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