Hot talk: Kajol unplugged

Hot talk : Kajol unplugged

Hot talk with Bollywood actress Kajol unplugged

Bollywood’s sweetheart lets you into her private world

Why films? How does it feel to carry on the baton of great actors?
Acting began as a hobby and later I loved it so much that I made it a career. I’m proud of the fact that I come from a lineage of great actors. It’s good that I am the fourth generation of such great actresses and I hope that I am worthy of it.

Have you inherited any trait from the famous women in your family?
The things that we women share in common are our strength and strong opinions. Hence, it’s impossible for us to truly know each other. We’re very much our own people, distinct and strong individuals. We never want to be like anyone; I love myself the way I am. I was never insecure about what I was and have always wanted to be myself.

Was it tough to live up to the standards set by your family? Will you pass on the baton to Tanisha?
I didn’t take it too seriously and that’s why it wasn’t difficult for me. You don’t pass on a baton, you earn it. If Tanisha wants it she will work for it and she is working hard.

Will Nysa become like you?
I hope she’s like me in my strength and is comfortable in her own skin. If she gains this strength and confidence, she can rule the world. Nysa is my biggest learning tool and I never get bored of her.

Actor, mother, wife… how do you manage?
One role at a time, one day at a time, one hour at a time. If you want to do something you’ll find a will and a way around it.

How different is Karan Johar’s approach to film-making today? Have you and Shah Rukh Khan changed as actors?
Karan has matured with age and experience. I hope Shah Rukh and I have changed and not stagnated. I’ve changed, grown up and become a better person. I’ve grown in my craft and have begun to believe that it requires some amount of skill.

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