Salman Khan’s charity fashion show in Dubai

Playful swagger, hip thrusts and generic clothes summed up #Bollywood heartthrob #Salman-Khan’s charity fashion show in #Dubai this weekend

salman khan

Salman Khan

There are some #Bollywood stars who could possibly get away with murder and #Salman-Khan proved this Friday he’s one of them.
How else do you explain the confidence with which he led an amateurish fashion show from start to finish? Ill-prepared but high-spirited celebrities from India and Pakistan, sporting Being Human [Salman Khan’s charity initiative] T-shirts and bandanas, strutted down the #catwalk.

The problem? Most seemed to be under the impression that combining a few vulgar hip thrusts along with a playful swagger would make up for the strictly generic clothes and their questionable carriage.

Now, all this could have been palatable if the fashion show rounded off the gala evening with a charity auction of Being Human merchandise, as promised in the invite. But guests, many of whom coughed up as much as Dh1,000 per ticket, felt shortchanged when they realized that there was not going to be any such event. Organizers neither bothered to announce this nor explained the reasons for the sudden change in plans.

Three hours late
But if the past is any indication, this should come as no surprise as the stars, including #Salman-Khan, Sohail Khan and #Shoaib-Akhtar, had waltzed in three hours late at a press conference on Thursday.

Back to clothes: Salman Khan in an earlier interview with tabloid! in October had lashed out at the blight of fashion piracy invading his life. “The moment I appear in public with my Being Human T-shirts, somebody takes a pic and before you know it guys are doing knock-offs and selling it in the market. They don’t get the fact that I am trying to raise money with those T-shirts. You should put these guys in jail,” said a visibly traumatised Khan.

We empathised with him then. But his clothes displayed on the ramp — dominated by crisp cotton shirts, casual T-shirts with a smattering of bling and jeans — made us wonder about his harsh verdict. Apart from Being Human emblazoned on them, you could easily mistake his “creations” for something you’d pluck off from the racks of a Gap or a Giordano store.

In all fairness though, this creative glitch was quickly forgotten when Khan and his entourage stepped on to the stage to treat the guests to some more hip thrusts, gyrating to his latest hit number Love Me, Love Me, Love Me from Wanted — his parting shot. Star power in action.


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