Sex and Shah Rukh sell, is still true

#Neha-Dhupia once infamously quoted that in Bollywood “Only Sex or #Shah-Rukh-Khan Sells” and looking at the present Cinema scenario, how true was she!

Neha Duphia (Bollywood Actress)

Neha Duphia (Bollywood Actress)

#Shah-Rukh-Khan did give a ground breaking performance in ‘My name is Khan’ (which he always does) but it’s sex that doesn’t fail to make a huge splash at the box office, time and time again.

Over the years we have given countless number of actresses and actors the tag of ‘sexy’ either because they are capable of bringing in that extra sexiness to the role, or it’s the role itself that gives them the tag.

Take #Neha-Dhupia, for example. She made her debut with the movie ‘Qayamat’, but it was her role in ‘Julie’ that put her on the map. She was suddenly this desirable Sex Symbol, with directors and scripts coming her way, all of which wanted her to play that Sexy oomph-mati.

It even defined Former Miss World and “box office ruling princess” #Priyanka-Chopra ‘s career after her role in ‘Aitraaz’.

As for the male counterpart there is, of course, John Abraham, who started off his career with #Mahesh-Bhatt ‘s controversial yet hugely successful ‘Jism’ and there are talks going about that ‘Jism 2’ will be in 3D (Doesn’t this keep on getting better and better?)

As of 2010 there will be a lot of movies which will take sex to a whole new level, there are rumors buzzing around that the eagerly awaited ‘Kites” will have the sexiest lovemaking scene (s) in #Bollywood. There was of course Dibakar Banerjee’s LSD, which was a clearly a crowd puller even though it was under the radar because of moral watch dogs.

Whether it’s the Sexy Senorita Barbara Mori or the Sultry #Priyanka-Chopra strutting their stuff on the silver screen, one thing is for sure, #Bollywood as well the viewers are much more open and accepting towards bold subjects these days. It’s just a tough job to convince the censor board!! Sex is a topic that will always remain vogue, and how can you resist it, when you have your very own #Bollywood Brigade in it?


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