Shah Rukh Khan Makes Exit With Yuvraj Singh’s Onstage Mock

Well nobody knew that Shah Rukh Khan could be challenged and provoked during a lighter spree of moment shared with Yuvraj Singh during IPL session when he was force to make a quicker exit from his much favored stage.

King Khan who always stayed high on IPL events was left dampened by few exchange of frivolous words by Yuvraj in retaliation, a sources revealed, “SRK teased Yuvi about his female fan following and said they only stuck to him because of his Casanova image.”

Since Shah Rukh is addicted to Karan Johar so he is less favored by women, Yuraj on account of Casanova remark retaliated, “Yuvi retaliated by saying that women ran after him (and not Khan) because he was stuck to Karan. There was a hush in the audience at this comment but Shahrukh being a good sport, handled the situation well. But he made his displeasure known backstage and staged a walkout.”

It was quite evident of Shah Rukh’s disruption over his remark when after short interaction with the organizers and sponsors, walked out of the event without making his final act at the event required for all the IPL team owners to be on the stage with their respective teams.

Giving an excuse of work commitment Shah Rukh responded when he was queried about his unusual sight of exit from IPL ground, he sighted, “I had made a commitment as a professional – I would do my job. And I did. I left post show because I had a shoot waiting. I had to finish it.”

What better answer could be expected from a shrewd replier like him who always has right words to fit in all tricky occasions.


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