Will Mallika Sherawat shed all to make Hisss-tory?

Will Mallika Sherawat shed all to make Hisss-tory?Mallika Sherawat as a snake-woman from Hisss is planning to make some buzz again with her hot photo shoot with Ash Gupta involing a snake.

Apparently, the entire is act inspired by legendary photographer Richard Avedon, who once famously shot 1980’s German-born US-based actress Nastassja Kinski totally naked, with just an enormous boa constrictor wrapped around her.

According to a tabloid Mallika has confirmed that there will be a shoot, and that like Kinski’s it will involve a live snake.

“Mallika is currently in Los Angeles and she plans to do a photo shoot with Ash Gupta this week. The concepts of both the shoots are similar, as in they involved a snake and an actress.” The photo session will take place at Gupta’s Studio 838, ” a source reveals.

“While Nastassja was naked in her photograph, it remains to be seen how far Mallika will go in terms of skin show. However an insider reveals, “Mallika will also go bare for the pictures. The sexy reptilian images captured will be used as key-art for the Hisss poster and marketing materials upon the film’s release, ” he adds.

We hear that the reptilian shoot will be unveiled next month during the Cannes Film Festival, along with footage from the movie.


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