Go figure Jen out – She just turned 41, so how does Jennifer Aniston manage to look hotter than ever?

Arriving on the set of her new film, Just Go With It, recently in Los Angeles recently, Jennifer Aniston looked a decade younger than her 41 years.

Aniston’s shapely arms and legs are the result of plenty of stretching and toning exercises.

Aniston’s shapely arms and legs are the result of plenty of stretching and toning exercises.

Her stunning cream dress had men drooling and women asking: “How on earth does she do it?” Perhaps it was a message for her recent co-star Gerard Butler, who is linked to a French TV presenter, despite rumours he and Jen are an item. Some might argue that her fifth decade has seen Aniston transform from the girl next door into a true screen beauty — she is nothing like the slightly frumpy girl we first saw playing Rachel Green in Friends in 1994.

Now, 16 years, two reported nose jobs, 13 kg lighter, and many personal trainers later, she is the woman all women want to look like. Here’s how.

Aniston has made no secret of the fact that she has to work hard to maintain her weight.

As a fledgling 20-something actress, she admits she was overweight and says a nutritionist nearly threw her out of his office when she heard of her love of mayonnaise sandwiches, burgers and fried food.

As her career took off in the early ’90s, she mended her ways and lost 13 kilos.

Over the years, her name has been linked to various diet plans including both the Atkins diet which advocates cutting out all carbohydrates in favour of protein, fruit and vegetables and the Zone Diet, which follows a 40:30:20 principle, relating to the ratio of calories obtained from carbohydrates and proteins.

More recently, her name has been linked to the New Atkins diet.

Its plan includes small portions of healthy carbs such as wholegrain bread, brown rice and pasta, while recommending healthy proteins such as grilled chicken, lean red meat and seafood.

Aniston is no saint, however, and is a big fan of a Bloody Mary.

If she feels she needs to lose a pound or two, she will, occasionally, cut out pasta in favour of raw vegetables.

Aniston’s shapely arms and legs are the result of plenty of stretching and toning exercises.

She has always credited her personal yoga guru, Mandy Ingber who is also one of her best friends with her body makeover.

They see each other five times a week, during which Aniston concentrates on an 80-minute hard-core fitness routine that combines yoga, martial arts and cardio. She is said to be a fan of Budokon a martial arts-based exercise involving kicking and punching.

Aniston also enjoys power-walking twice a day with her two dogs, corgi-terrier mix Norman and white German Shepherd Dolly.

She has been snapped paddle surfing: kneeling on a surfboard while pushing herself along with a long paddle. This is said to exercise the legs and shoulders.

Aniston has always denied having had plastic surgery, but comparisons between her early Friends photos and today show a definite trimming and reshaping of her nose.

She was first rumoured to have had a nose job early in her career, but was never pleased with the results, and underwent surgery to correct a “deviated septum” 12 years later — which was once mocked in an episode of Friends.

Aniston told a US magazine it was the best thing she’d ever done, adding: “I slept like a baby for the first time in years.'”

However, she has always rigorously denied having breast enlargement surgery.

“As boring as it sounds, it’s still mine. All of it. Still mine,” she says.

“Short of letting everybody have a feel, I don’t know what else to do. I’m pretty happy with what God gave me.”

The Aniston barnet is probably the most talked about celebrity hair in all of Hollywood.

Ever since the Los Angeles hairdresser Chris McMillan created the “Rachel cut” for Aniston during the second series of Friends, the pair have been close friends.

Aniston reportedly spent an eye-watering £40,000 (Dh225,780) taking him on a film promotional tour last year.

Chris is said to charge £1,500 a day blow-drying and colouring Aniston’s hair, using a variety of techniques to achieve the tousled and ultra-straight looks she champions.

Though he’s been the only man allowed to touch Aniston’s tresses for more than a decade, recent reports say that Aniston and Chris have parted company — amicably — and he has instructed his, as yet unnamed, replacement on how to maintain the tresses which made his name.

A Californian native and sun worshipper, Aniston works hard to combat the damage of the sun’s rays with facials from Hollywood skin guru Kate Somerville, who uses non-invasive treatments to mimic the effects of laser peels and face-lifts.

She is also a fan of the Dr Hauschka skincare range, using the brand’s daytime moisturiser.

Her cleansing routine has not changed since her teenage years. “I wash my face every night and morning with the same thing I’ve used since high school — Neutrogena cleansing bar,” she told a US magazine.

For shoots and the red carpet, Aniston relies on make-up artists for her all-year round glow, using bronzing powders and neutral brown tones by Chanel.

She has also been known to DIY with fake tan.

Aniston has been a life-long fan of designer Christian Lacroix, whose coral-hued frock she chose for the Paris leg of her recent tour promoting her new film The Bounty Hunter.

Also in her wardrobe for the tour were dresses from Donna Karan and Valentino, which she chose for the red carpet in London and New York.

Aniston is rightly proud to show off her sculpted legs in a series of thigh-skimming evening dresses with strappy Manolo Blahnik sandals (right).

She has been pictured with a series of classic clutch bags by designer Salvatore Ferragamo. When away from the cameras, Jennifer has had a long love affair with denim, with a host of designer jeans in her wardrobe. Among her favourites are jeans by Degaine, Citizens of Humanity and Kasil.

The star never misses a moment of the California sunshine to don a pair of her cut-off denim shorts. She chose the beach babe look for one of her most famous post-Brad photoshoots.

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