Lie of Fox News about Pornography in Pakistan Exposed

Google officially denied the accuracy of its search trends that declared Pakistan as the top nation searching for illicit material on the internet, according to dawn sources.

Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan has also declared statistics regarding pornography in Pakistan as flawed.

Earlier based on these findings, a number of foreign newspapers and websites started humiliating Pakistani nation and even maligned the country’s name.

Referring to the news about illicit search trends in Pakistan, Google’s public affairs head of South-East Asia said that the statistics were based on limited data therefore they cannot be regarded as final opinion.

There are eight million users of internet in Pakistan which makes only five per cent of the country’s total population.

Fox News is clearly exposed here, they must apologize for insulting Pakistanis by calling the country “Pornistan.”

I’d like to answer their allegation certainly! Even if Pakistan has lots of porn searches, and USA has less porn related searches, this proves what? People of USA are very noble? They don’t watch porn? Well, thats probably because porn is publicly available there in DVDs and other forms. Whereas in Pakistan, you cannot find porn in DVDs. Don’t belive me? Check this wikipedia article that has UN report which shows USA tops on rape crimes. So how does this sound to you? United States of Rape ?? or something even worst?

So this is very clear that the reporters should be responsible while writing insensible words which are based on lies, corrupt reports etc.



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