Celebrities tweet and blog for Pakistani cricket

KARACHI: Celebrities shared their excitement for the ongoing World T20 as Pakistan pulled through against South Africa on Monday.



Pakistani cricketer #Shoaib-Malik posted on Twitter: Great win by Pakistan..congrads (sic) to all..need some support from england now:)

#Ali-Zafar tweeted his way through the Pakistan-South Africa match and apparently ate a “whole cheez (sic) pizza to kill match anxiety.”

The musician and actor celebrated online with the message:

“This is the first time I am happy for my prediction to come true !!!! Yes yes yes !!! Wohoooo”

Jal’s lead singer #Farhan-Saeed also asked his fans on his blog to support Pakistan:
Please pray that the Pakistani cricket team is again able to make the country proud at the T-20 world cup!

Pakistani musicians have a long history with cricket.

#Salman-Ahmed played first class cricket before he formed Junoon, and bands such as Strings and Call have produced jingles for brands that are themed with cricketing series. Got a celebrity tweet to share? Add it in the comments section below.


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