Apple Releases Safari 5 Web Browser

Apple Safari-5 Released

Apple Safari-5 Released

Apple on the worldwide developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco introduced the next version of the web browser Safari (version 5.0) for Mac and Windows platforms. The most crucial changes available in that version of this program HML5 and the extensions support. The web browser has also the option to make Bing the default search engine.

According to ‘Apple’ the Safari5 is two times faster than Mozilla Firefox and 3 % faster than Google Chrome 5.Another new feature of the Safari 5 is the Nitro JavaScript language that it uses.That enables the JavaScript to run 30% faster than the JavaScript on Safari 4.The Domain name system used by Apple allows previously viewed web pages to load faster. The new technologies that are supported by the Safari 5 like HTML 5 CSS3 allows for the developers to build extensions.

The new extension builder in Safari serves as a sandbox for the extensions and runs only from web browser. Safari was the last program to introduce extensions. This has been done from Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


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