New Google Adsense Accounts Banned In Pakistan

Sabahat Ghazal Mass Misuse of Google Adsense in Pakistan Create Problems for Newbies.Google Adsense is one of the most reliable source of making money online and it can really help everyone make some extra money online to improve his/her standard of living. This has become an open secret and every newbie now wants to explore more about Google Adsense in Pakistan to generate an alternate source of revenue by working online.

 Getting new Google Adsense ID in Pakistan is getting very difficult nowadays. The obvious reason for this is the mass misuse of Google Adsense through invalid click activities and other violation of Google Adsense terms and conditions as already discussed in earlier posts.

Google Pakistan is now getting very strict towards issuing new adsense IDs which means the method of getting new adsense ID in Pakistan which is explained in our Step-By-Step Guide of Making Money from Google Adsense in Pakistan might become obsolete. Which means now all other shortcuts of getting new adsense IDs are also useless and Google Pakistan is thoroughly evaluating each and every application manually before issuing new adsense IDs.

My method was 100% working before, when Google Pakistan was encouraging new adsense publishers and accepting their applications with the minimum qualifying criteria. Now that it has become difficult to get new Google Adsense IDs, few people are trying to sell new Google Adsense IDs for Rs.1,000/- per ID, which is again violation of Google Adsense Terms and conditions. (see the comments here) Not only that, they also offerred me to reduce the prices if I get IDs in bulk and become their reseller. These people are now making it more difficult for newbies because Google Pakistan will definetly take serious actions against such persons and buyers of such IDs will pay the price when their IDs will be banned by Google forever.

The curse of misusing the available money making opportunities in large scale minimize the national earning potential. It would have been much better if we had utilized this opportunity in legal way and earned a lot more than earning it the illegal way in short term. In the upcoming post, I will update you guys about how to get new Google Adsense ID in Pakistan legally and how to make sufficient income using Google Adsense. So, keep reading our blog and share your thoughts through comments.

This is really very sad that google is not approving more account from Pakistan this year. many of my friends and clients told me that this year it seems very difficult to get your account approved by google adsense, all the time they reply with the lame reasons like invalid content, unwanted content, domain age and Whois inaccuracy, Not only Pakistani but i had also found some Indians screaming at Google for not approving new accounts, I hope that everi thing would be alrite soon. Don’t worry if your application have been rejected several times wait for good time 🙂 Best of luck every one.


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