Kon Banega Meera Patti annoys fundamentalists

It is rather unbelievable to see Meera, the controversial drama queen, as coy and blushing bride in search of a life partner. The situation rather seems hilariously fake, when we think of Meera’s virginity test and rumors of her secret marriage to Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Call it a to-die-for-publicity-stunt or an effort to appear as a perfectly chaste goddess, whatever! But Kon Banega Meera Patti has certainly raised issues among a section of hardliners in the country.

While Geo TV has not received any official protest yet, but many feel that sustaining the so-called husband hunt show till its end could be difficult. Besides, the show has also received nasty comments about the actress and her 13 prospects online.

According to an inside source, all the 13 contestants are actually struggling artist and they get between Rs. 2500 – 5000 per episode of the show and Meera’s boyfriend, who is one of the executives on the Geo TV, is actually the producer of the show.

On the show, however, Meera is currently getting acquainted with her 13 candidates, one of whom will win her hand in the finale. The show has been on air in Pakistan for three weeks and has telecast three episodes so far. It airs once every week on Fridays for about an hour.


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