Sahir Lodhi – “China Ka Shahrukh Khan”

Sahir Lodhi though has earned great fame for his hard work but the name he is much applauded with is none other than the “China Ka Shahrukh Khan”.

For his Shahrukh Khan laden style and excessively copied attitude, the great host of “The Sahir Show” on Geo TV, Sahir Lodhi is getting quite a clownish repute. He is getting abhorrence and rising objection rather than being loved and appreciated.

Fans love Shahrukh Khan for his genuine codes and true style whereas, Sahir Lodhi nothing than a coping clown who just follows Shahrukh Khan’s body language and communication skills and is rapidly losing his own identity maligning himself into an actor of other state.

How nefariously Sahir Lodhi has been termed as “Mardoon ki Meera and “Sahir Shoda” and has just become a clown to entertain people. What do you say is he!


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