A blast of delicacy from Shahid Afridi! (Widyan)

Shahid Afridi has finally launched his women’s wear collection Widyan, with a three-day exhibition in Karachi, which received a tremendous response from the public as well as fashion industry.

Made with pure chiffons and silks, collection incorporates beautifully and intricate embroideries on delicate fabrics, stitched with a fusion of eastern and western style that makes the clothes a lot more appealing for new generation.

Apart from being alluring and delicate, the collection is affordable and worth its price. The three-day launch exhibition was crowded with thousands of Shahid Afridi’s fans along with stars like Zeba Bakhtiyar and cricketer Umer Gul, who came to wish Shahid Afridi best of luck!

The former Pakistani cricket team captain seemed much excited and happy on the event, while giving interviews and talking to his fans, he walked here and there along with his cute little daughter, who looked like an angle in her little scarf.

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