Sohail Tanveer ties knot with a Little Controversy

Our cricketers and controversies have a deep relation. They are either involved in some controversy within the cricket industry and if not then definitely their marriage. Whenever we hear the news of some Pakistani cricketer getting married, their first wives show up and claim that he’s already married.

Sohail Tanveer a fast bowler of Pakistan Cricket Team got married to Komal Khan recently. Sohail’s first wife Nosheen came on the media and said that Sohail is already married and also has a daughter with her. The daughter name is Shah Bano and was born in August. Nosheen demanded rights for her daughter and also that Tanveer should accept her. Tanveer accepted all allegations proposed by Nosheen and said that he will send the divorce papers to Nosheen as soon as possible and will also accept his daughter.

Nausheen Agha, the first wife of Pakistani cricketer Sohail Tanvir.

Nosheen also accused Tanveer of just using her for contacts as she comes from a strong background. Many of Sohail’s friends also attended his first marriage ceremony. As a result of these allegations Tanveer met his daughter Shah Bano last Saturday.

TV report on Sohail Tanveer Wedding:


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