Controversially Yours Indeed (Shoaib Akhtar)

An autobiography is “an account of a person’s life written by that person.” So technically, even if Mr Akhtar wrote that he’s the president of Pakistan, or is Beyonce’s husband, it would be his right. He wrote about his accounts with various super stars, he wrote about his feelings, he wrote what he thought was right; he wrote all that in his own book. So who are we to say anything about anything?

Our media, most of the time, plays to sell. Whatever sells is right. And the society takes whatever is given to them as it is. Most of us do not stop to consider the other side of the coin until and unless there is a press conference held by the accused for his justifications!

Here is a link to a video that clearly demonstrates Shoaib Akhtar’s stance and viewpoints regarding the whole controversy:

Clarified by him is the fact that whatever he said should be taken as part of the whole context. Anyone who has even the slightest understanding of literature will realize that a sentence does not say anything on its own, the scenario matters the most.

All this shows that a man cannot even write an autobiography in peace. Talk about being a free country, and that too with a democracy!

The hue and cry will most probably increase the book’s sale by multifold, instead of curbing the popularity. We need to stop criticizing our assets – yes the Rawalpindi Express was definitely an asset, especially when he started off his career – and washing our not-at-all dirty linen in public.

We mimic the Amrikanz in every way possible, but have we even mimicked the way they value animals and humans? Have we ever learnt a lesson from how they never show anything negative happening in their country, and how all that is played on AXN as entertainment? Have we even seen the tears in their eyes when their pets are in pain? Have we? No! All we see and understand and absorb is how they expose themselves; how freaky and messed up their mentality is; what are the new trends of fashion, of the society, of the youth and of physicality; and so on.

Wake up people! Open your eyes and brains to the New World Order that is creeping into our veins and playing its destruction role aptly…


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