Pray For All – A Messaeg by Kamran Ahmed a.k.a 82Rocker

If we always find ourselves posting happy messages, it very much means we are cut off from the agony around us, it means that we are blessed. But not everyone is. A young student Sarfaraz got brutally [...]

Singer Sami Yusuf donating music profits to Pakistan

British singer-songwriter #Sami-Yusuf, dubbed “Islam’s biggest rock star”, is donating profits from his latest single to help flood victims in Pakistan.

Salman Ahmed (Junoon) Declares ‘Rock & Roll Jihad’ Against Extremists

August 23, 2010 – By Ron Synovitz Salman Ahmad was a 19-year-old medical student in 1982 when he performed music on stage for the first time in his native Pakistan. Having just returned from six [...]

Celebrities continue to help out for PKFloods 2010

A delegation of artists has left the country for a fundraising tour to be able to raise funds for those affected by the worst natural disaster in the history of Pakistan. Joining the team are prominent [...]

14 arrested in Sialkot Two Brothers Killing case

Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that 14 people including four policemen have been held in the brutal public killing of two brothers in Sialkot.

Sialkot Brothers Killing: Rescue 1122 official involved

Watch Video by Express News:

Pakistan Flood Relief message from Rockistan team

OVERVIEW More than 15 million people are affected by Pakistan’s worst flooding in 80 years, with at least 1,600 fatalities, according to estimates from the government of Pakistan. While the severity [...]

Sialkot Brothers Killing – Frontline With Kamran Shahid


CJ slams DPO over torture, killing of brothers in Sialkot

Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Thursday directed police to arrest the culprits involved in the murder of two young brothers in Sialkot and appointed a former LHC judge, Kazim [...]

Two Brothers Killed In Sialkot [Video Included]

SIALKOT: An infuriated mob beat two alleged criminals to death as they were trying to escape the scene of a crime. The two men allegedly killed two and injured four during a robbery early Sunday morning [...]

Hadiqa Kiani in Lahore for Flood Relief (Pictures)

#Hadiqa-Kiani is on a nonstop mission right now to get aid to the flood victims. These pictures are NOT meant to show off. They are meant to inspire you to actually do something besides sitting on FB all [...]

Shehzad Roy in Balochistan for Flood Relief (Pictures)

Pakistani pop start & founder of Zindaghi Trust #Shehzad-Roy went to flood effected areas of Balochistan, Pakistan for floor relief.

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park Steps Forth for Relief Effort in Pakistan

As the number of affected people reaches 40 million which makes 20 percent of the total population of Pakistan, people from around the world are generously donating towards the flood victims. Yesterday, [...]

Zaid Hamid on Zardari’s Shameful Visit to UK – Video

#Zaid-Hamid blasts President #Asif-Ali-Zardari on his Shameful Visit to UK while the Country is facing record floods and multiple crisis. Watch Video: The tour is also criticized because of the unjust [...]

Man Throws Shoes At Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari

Man Throws Shoes At Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. A man is reported to have protested during the speech of President Asif Ali Zardari at Pakistan People’s Party’s convention here on Saturday President [...]

Muslim Leader Caliph Hazrat Umer (R.A) vs Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great)

A Must Read Article on Caliph Hazrat Umer (R.A) (May ALLAH Peace Be Upon Him)

Turkey vs Israel – the Famous one minute debate of Turkeys and Israel s Prime Ministers

English Translation Turkish PM Erdogan Slams Shimon Peres For Israeli Killings And Walks Off Stage Watch Video:

Uruguay president’s entire assets: a VW Beetle

EXAMPLE FOR PAKISTANI LEADERS Uruguayan President Jose Mujica has declared that his entire wealth is nothing more than a 1987 Volkswagen Beetle.

Talat Hussain and crew to arrive home today

Pakistani journalist Talat Hussain and his crew will be arriving to Pakistan today after being released following an attack on their Gaza-bound convoy by Israel. Foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit [...]

Syed Talat Hussain safe and sound

Tuesday, 1 Jun, 2010 9:29 am KARACHI : International Red Crescent confirmed on late Monday evening that all three Pakistani were unhurt in Israeli custody. According to a press statement issued from the [...]

Gunmen kill five in Jinnah Hospital onslaught

Updated at: 0110 PST, Tuesday, June 01, 2010 Gunmen kill five in Jinnah Hospital onslaught LAHORE: Defying the early reports reached here regarding the death toll amounted at 12 persons when unidentified [...]

We are now surrounded by Israeli warships

Tuesday, June 01, 2010 An eyewitness account of a British-Pakistani woman travelling with the #Gaza-flotilla By our correspondent KARACHI: “We are now surrounded by Israel warships” These words capture [...]

If You’re an American you should see THIS! For Real

I Wish Everyone Thinks Like He Does. Esp. Americans. Must Watch & Share The Video: [media id=84]

Gay and lesbian parties becoming open in India

Out of Sec 377 shadow, same-sex couples no longer have to hold super exclusive parties; doors are now open. From rare, expensive, hush-hush parties in the past to a multitude of well-publicised affordable [...]
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