Exclusive Interview with BOHEMIA – The Punjabi Rapper

A Little About BOHEMIA (RAJA) After immigrating to the West over ten years ago, Ra (short for Raja) came to realize that the South Asian experience in America wasn’t all nice cars and palm trees. [...]

The second coming of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan (instep)

Amanat Ali Khan The man who blazed his way through Pakistani pop with Saagar is back with a new album, Tabeer. From classical novelty to phenomenon, Shafqat has made his mark. In this interview Shafqat [...]

Assad Ahmed (Karavan) – Video Interview

An old interview of Assad Ahmed of Karavan so we just thought to share it with you guys, hope you like it Part-1 – Click here to download part-1 (20mb) Part-2 – Click here to download part-1 [...]

Interview with “Jonathan Cash aka Jay” (Exclusive)

A Little About Jonathan Cash aka Jay: Jonathan Cash stepped into the world of graphics design at the tender age of 16. Inspired by the vast and colorful web, five-frame, GIF Animations and computer [...]

Interview with “Try Drowning” (Holland Based Band – Exclusive)

Try Drowning started in December 2003. The goal was to capture pure energy and emotion in loud rock music, influenced by the likes of Far, Faith No More, Placebo, Alien Ant Farm and At The Drive In. Since [...]
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