PAKSTAR Magazine – Achieving another milestone !!

Dear Friends, PakStar Media Group entered in the world of television/video production.The first episode went on-air across Canada on 3 main networks (Ary Canada, Rogers Tv and on Rawal Tv) on April23/2011.
Ali Haider has launched a clothing line for women called Qarar. PHOTO: NOOR JAVERI/EXPRESS

Ali Haider moves to fashion

KARACHI: Former pop singer Ali Haider, who now only sings devotional music, held a press conference on Tuesday at the Karachi Press Club, refuting claims that he had criticised the discipline of music.

Junaid Jamshed (Vital Signs) Wallpapers

About Junaid Jamshed (JJ): Junaid Jamshed is a Pakistani recording artist who gained fame as the frontman of the pop group Vital Signs in 1987 with the hit song “Dil Dil Pakistan” and remained [...]

Junaid Jamshed will be coming back with a bang with a new album in the coming year

Junaid will be coming back with a bang with a new album in the coming year, which according to him, is on the lines of his previous album, Jalwa e Janan. The only difference is that is not a compilation [...]

Vital Signs – Band’s Complete Biography

Vital Signs was Pakistan’s first widely known pop band and were given the title of “pioneers of pop music. The original line up consisted of Junaid Jamshed on vocals, Rohail Hyatt on keyboards, [...]
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