Vibes 2005 Concert in Dubai, April 2005

It’s Salman Ahmad that I have a problem with – Ali Azmat

The 41-year-old singer Ali Azmat is still one of the most outspoken figures out there, especially when it comes to the pop culture. The singer now says he has nothing against Junoon but he cannot tolerate [...]

Salman Ahmed (Junoon) Wedding Pictures

Look what we’have found, we are loving this pictures of our all time rockstar Salman Ahmad and thought to share with all of you and now you keep sharing it with. (Junoon for Life… oh Ya and [...]

Jaag Band Revamps Junoon Band Songs

At the 20th celebration of Junoon music band many well known Pakistani music bands are revamping its songs in their own style. Salman Ahmad and Brian O’Connell of Junoon Band decided to release [...]

Junoon20th – Usman Riaz – Saeen (Music Video)

Instrumentation written and arranged by Usman Riaz Based on ‘Saeein’ by Salman Ahmad & Sabir Zafar Featuring Usman Riaz Alfred Dmello & Saeed Sahab Screenplay by Usman Riaz Bilal [...]

Salman Ahmad (Junoon) Tweeted LOVE for J4JUMPY

Salman Ahmad, Lead singer of Pakistan’s pioneer rock band Junoon tweeted LOVE for J4JUMPY this morning 😀 We at J4JUMPY.NET take it as a real honour … Junoon for Life <3 Direct link [...]

Junoon’s 20th Anniversary Album Vol-1 Released on iTunes

Finally the Junoon’s 20th Anniversary Album Vol-1 is available for download on iTunes, Click here to download your copy now! JUNOON FOR LIFE 😉
Lahore Rock Band Jaag

Junoon’s 20th Vol-2 featuring Lahore Rock Band Jaag

Lahore based rock band Jaag is going to do Azadi track which is a fusion of SUFI,WESTERN CLASSICAL and ALTERNATE, with support of Sir Salman Ahmed and Amin Haswani, for the album Junoon’s 20th Vol [...]
Chand Sitara - Junoon's 20th Anniversary [Audio]

Chand Sitara – Junoon’s 20th Anniversary [Audio]

Song: Chand Sitara Lyricss: Shoaib Mansoor Music, Vocals, Electric Guitar & Ukelele: Salman Ahmad Bass Guitar: Brian O’ Connell Dhol, Dholak & Tabla: Ashiq Ali Mir Strings: Albert Alf 12 string [...]
JUNOON - PAKISTAN national anthem in UN Assembly

Chand Sitara: A very special Junoon20 moment at the UN general assembly

JUNOON – PAKISTAN national anthem in UN Assembly on 12SEP 2009 at NEW YORK (UN Assembly Hall) What a peformance by Salman Ahmed Junoon… WE PROUD OF YOU SALMAN BHAI! 🙂
Usman Riaz – Saeen (Instrumental)

Usman Riaz – Saeen (Instrumental) – Tribute to Junoon’s 20th Anniversary

Artist: Usman Riaz Song: Saeen Tribute to Junoon’s 20th Anniversary
Junoon 20 years of music express news

Express News – Special Program on Junoon’s 20th Anniversary

Its been 20 years since Junoon, the most iconic musical band to emerge from Pakistan, released its first album. On its 20th anniversary, Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Connel got together to re-record [...]
Outlandish No More - Junoon20

Outlandish – No More (Junoon 20)

Read what Outlandish have to say about this tribute song: Salman from the world-famous Pakistani Rockband Junoon asked if we wanted to do a cover of one of their songs for their 20th Anniversary. The challenge [...]
Bilal Khan - Dil Main Meray - Junoon 20

Bilal Khan – Dil Main Meray (Junoon 20)

Artist: Bilal Khan Song: Dil Main Meray Album: Junoon-20th Anniversary Bilal says: He is inspired from “Aap aur Hum” by Junoon for Junoon 20th Anniversary Album. Listen the song:
Laal - Neend Aati Nahin - tribute junoon 20th

Laal – Neend Aati Nahin (Music Video – Junoon’s 20th Anniversary)

Artist/Band: Laal Directed by: Taimur Rahman & Lali Khalid Production Associate: Asad Haroon All proceeds from this song and album will go to girls education through the movement Aman, Rozi, Taleem [...]
Salman Ahmad 2009

Interview: Do you think fans can relate to you singing the songs instead of Ali?

An Exclusive interview of Salman Ahmad with Fifi Haroon for Newsweek Pakistan Where did the idea to celebrate 20 years of Junoon come from? Someone tweeted me the YouTube link to Junoon’s first ever [...]

Interview: Did Salman get in touch with you for Junoon 20?

An Exclusive interview of Ali Azmat with Fifi Haroon for Newsweek Pakistan Did Salman get in touch with you for Junoon 20? He sent me emails, but I didn’t reply. There are some issues between me and [...]

Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

LAHORE – The trio was the heaviest thing that the Pakistani youth had ever come across. The hard, electric guitar riffs had sunk their talons in the minds of confused, angsty youth. Ali Azmat’s [...]

Junoon 20th Anniversary – Mitti by AAG (Video Message)

>THE REASON Why AAG chose to become a part of JUNOON‘S 20th ANNIVERSARY ALBUM Mitti (Junoon Cover) by AAG – Releasing SEPT.30th – Recorded & Mixed: E.A.R – Usman & Haroon [...]
US-based Junoonis Salman Ahmad and Brian O’Connell discuss their journey as iconic contemporary Sufi musician

Junoon Anniversary: Twenty years gone by

KARACHI: Junoon’s journey, embarked by the launch of their first self-titled album Junoon in 1991, can be compared to a whirling dervish. Their first-ever PTV appearance was with their song “Neend [...]
Haroon Shaikh - (Aag Band)

Junoon’s 20th Anniversary Album provides a platform for young musicians

LAHORE: With Junoon’s 20th anniversary on its way, several local and young artists have been invited to revamp the band’s songs for an exclusive 20th Anniversary Album. The upcoming album will be [...]
Bilal Khan tribute to Junoon 20th Anniversary

Bilal Khan tribute to Junoon 20th Anniversary (Video Blog)

Bilal Says: The song I have created is based on a riff from their song “Aap aur Hum” and I have tried to rework it into something new while keeping in mind the essence of Junoon’s music. The album [...]
Fariha Chapra Ali Azmat's Wife

Ali Azmat getting married to Fariha Khan (Chapra)

Ali Azmat ex-lead vocalist of Junoon, is finally getting married today with Fariha Chapra (Fariha Khan) who has worked on AAG TV as a Producer and now works for Dunya TV.

Article: Song for the soul (If I Could Change): Salman Ahmad

KARACHI: Junoon’s founder and lead guitarist Salman Ahmad’s collaborative song with Jamaican artist Ziggy Marley and Somali sister-duo Sweet Rush was premiered at the World Humanitarian Day on August [...]

Salman Ahmad, Ziggy Marley & Sweet Rush – If I Could Change (World Humanitarian Day)

A single and accompanying music video ‘If I Could Change’ released today on World Humanitarian Day (19 August, 2011) to pay tribute to humanitarian workers around the world. The track is a collaboration [...]
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