Meera’s Shaadi Drama

It is being said that Paksitani film actress Meera is getting engaged to Naveed Pervaiz who is an American based Pakistani Pilot. But now different statements are coming out regarding her engagement in [...]
Meera Says Good Bye To Lollywood

Meera Is Leaving Lollywood Permanently

Pakistan’s scandal queen Meera has decided to leave Lollywood permanently. She has also returned the advance of 50 lac to the producers with whom she was supposed to work.
Madiha Shah is planning to get married

Madiha Shah is planning to get married

Pakistan’s well known actress Madiha Shah has finally decided to get married. She has declared to have wedlock after muharram-ul-haram. Madiha Shah is a versatile actress, performer, and artist of theatre, [...]

Punjabi Stage Actress Nargis Back With Film Thakur 420

Pakistan’s well known actress Nargis is making her come back after two years with upcoming Pakistani film “Thakur 420” that is to be released on this Eid-ul-Azha.

Lollywood: Sana to Make Comeback

Pakistani actress and fashion model Sana will make her comeback in Pakistani showbiz after Eid-Ul-Azha. She has decided to work for both films and television altogether. Pakistani film star Sana was busy [...]
Meera to produce film Oscar

Meera to produce film “Oscar”

LAHORE: Meera has turned her attention to film production, Geo News reported. The actress will star in and producer her next film titled Oscar. Meera said the script for the film was being written and [...]

Pakistani actor says No space for Indian films

LAHORE – The Film Industry Committee held a meeting Wednesday at the Al Hamra Arts Council, once more with the agenda of flaying the screening of Indian films in Pakistani cinemas. Although Pakistani [...]
Meera brother mother accused of abduction

Meera’s brother, mother accused of abduction

LAHORE: Film actress Meera’s brother and mother have been accused of abducting a relative to pressure him to back out of various criminal and civil cases involving property. Ahsan Abbas and Shafaqat [...]
Cinema owners are happy that shows are selling out for the first time in years. PHOTOS: NEFER SEHGAL/EXPRESS TRIBUNE

Lolywood: Pakistani Cinemas Seems Alive Again (Article/Report)

LAHORE/KARACHI: Outside the dingy and old Metropole cinema in Lahore, for the first time in years, huge crowds showed up for the premiere of Pakistani films Bhai Log, Love Mein Ghum and Jugni. The quality [...]
Model-cum-actor Humaima Malik rose to fame with her role of a deglamourised daughter in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol.

Humaima Malick Talks about Revival of Pakistani Cinema

The bold actress of Shoaib Mansoor’s latest film ‘Bol’, Humaima Malick is glad to talk about the revival of Pakistani cinema as her debut film ‘Bol’ has just released in India.
Pakistani Film Maker (Syed Noor)

Syed Noor appeals to ban Indian Films on Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr is considered a big day for the release of Pakistani films, but Pakistani cinemas don’t give that much importance to Pakistani films for the sake of their business. However, Lollywood director, [...]

Reema invests life savings in ‘Love Mein Ghum’

Lahore – Pakistani actress Reema reveals she has invested her life savings on her upcoming film ‘Love Mein Gum’. While talking to Pakistan Today at an Iftar dinner hosted by NGO Innocent Child [...]

Shamoon Abbasi to Debut with Bhai Log

Pakistan’s versatile actor and director Shamoon Abbasi is going to debut on big screen with upcoming film “Bhai Log”. Quite surprising for the fans! It seems that divorce has resulted into a magic [...]

Lollywood: Blast from the past! (Arif Lohar is Back)

Amidst all the glamour of ‘Love Mein Gum’ ‘Slackistan’ ‘Khamosh Raho’ ‘Bol’ hitting the Pakistani film Industry, a blast from the past is like adding a flavor of cinnamon to Gulab Jaman! Yes, [...]

A Movie on Imran Khan’s Life “Kaptaan”

LAHORE:A group of young independent filmmakers has undertaken the initiative of producing an independent feature film called Kaptaan, based on Imran Khan’s high-profile life following the end of his [...]

Slackistan – ‘Loser Guys’ (Promotional Video)

A promotional sequence from ‘Slackistan’ – now available to rent/buy on iTunes UK/US/Canada and on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu & PS3/XBOX.

Iranian films to hit Pakistani cinemas

With the ongoing screenings of Hollywood and Bollywood films, Pakistani cinemas are now set to have a flavor of Iranian films, according to a report in the Daily Express. Lollywood is planning to import [...]

Overload: ‘Mujra is a cultural reality’

Overload is set to launch their latest video for “Neray Aaa” — a song originally featured in Choorian LAHORE: At the apartment of Overload’s drummer and vocalist Farhad Humayun, a contingent of [...]

Four Superstars Unite For Next Lux Beauty Campaign

Four superstars, Reema, Meera, Humaima Malik and Mahira Khan have been united for next Lux beauty campaign. They were together in Karachi for upcoming Lux beauty advertisement.

Juggan Kazim Makes No Impact in Khamosh Raho

The much awaited release of Juggan Kazim’s debut Pakistani film “Khamossh Raho” resulted in chaos and despondency of viewers as the role Juggan Kazim played in movie could not make any impact.

Mishi Khan’s huge weight transformation! lost 28 KG weight in 10 months.

Forget about Kelly Osbourne and Beyonce and talk about Mishi Khan! Yes, our own Mishi Khan, who has lost 28 KG weight in 10 months.

Veena Malik To Do An Item Song In Bollywood

New Delhi, Jun 27: She became a household name in India with her controversial stint on the fourth season of reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ and now Pakistani actress Veena Malik is joining Bollywood’s [...]

Promotional campaign of Khamosh Raho: Detail review

Khamosh Raho is the latest flick of seasoned director Altaf Hussain starring Shaan Shahid and Juggan Kazim together in lead roles for the first time in any film. Having an approximate budget of 1.5 crores, [...]

OK, We are Serious, Juggan Kazim is working in a Lollywood Film :p

Updated: June 18th, 2011 From Hollywood to TV Screen’s of Pakistan & Then Fashion Industry, Finally Juggan Kaazim is Ready to hit Pakistani Cinemas. And i Must Say “SAIMA (Lollywood Actress) [...]
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