Meera to Marry Pakistani-American Pilot

Lollywood actor Meera has announced that she is marrying a Pakistani-American Naveed Shehzad, Express News reported on Sunday. Meera, who recently adopted two baby deer in order to raise awareness about [...]
amirkhanboxer-faryal-engagment (2)

Aamir Khan (Boxer) and Faryal Makhdoom Engagement Ceremony

London: Amir Khan got engaged to 20-year-old New Yorker Faryal Makhdoom at a grand 150,000-pound affair on Sunday. Makhdoom is of Pakistani descent like the boxer and had met him last July. She has since [...]

Reema Wedding Video With Short Interview

Geo News on 19th November give us exclusive coverage of Reema’s wedding. On the occasion Reema and her husband give a short interview to the Geo News reporter. Starting with a very enjoyable question, [...]

Sohail Tanveer ties knot with a Little Controversy

Our cricketers and controversies have a deep relation. They are either involved in some controversy within the cricket industry and if not then definitely their marriage. Whenever we hear the news of some [...]

Xulfi J. Khan (Call) with his wife on Wedding Day (Exclusive Picture)

Here is the EXCLUSIVE picture from Xulfi J. Khan of Call Band’s Wedding Day Cermoney 😀
Xulfi J. Khan of Call band at his Mehndi/Mayoon

Xulfi J. Khan of Call band at his Mehndi/Mayoon – Exclusive Picture

Here is an exclusive picture of Xulfi J. Khan of Call band at his Mehndi/Mayoon, he recently ties the knot with Wajeeha Badar, commonly known as Jiya who is also a graduate of PIFD (formerly: PFDC), oh, [...]

Xulfi from Call Band ties the knot

Lahore: Xulfi J Khan, also known as Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, has tied the knots with Wajeeha Badar, commonly known as Jiya who is also a graduate of PIFD (formerly: PFDC). Xulfi, who was considered to be [...]

Syed Rizwanullah and Fayezah Ansari: Their journey to marriage!

Rizwanullah and Fayezah have been tied to a romantic relationship, which started from college days and has come a long way till their marriage six months ago, which sent the entire fashion industry [...]
Singer Atif Aslam finds his alleged link-ups extremely funny. PHOTO:FILE

Is Atif Aslam really getting married?

It has been reported by Kalam TV, Dunya TV and koolmuzone.com that singer-cum-actor Atif Aslam was engaged last month to Sara Bharwana, in a small private ceremony. Fans who imagined that Aslam would [...]

An Exclusive Picture from Ali Azmat’s Wedding

As we all know Ali Azmat got married to Fariha Khan (Chapra) yesterday, here we are received an exclusive picture of Ali Azmat on his special day with his wife. Don’t forget to share your comments [...]
Fariha Chapra Ali Azmat's Wife

Ali Azmat getting married to Fariha Khan (Chapra)

Ali Azmat ex-lead vocalist of Junoon, is finally getting married today with Fariha Chapra (Fariha Khan) who has worked on AAG TV as a Producer and now works for Dunya TV.
Katrina and Ali Zafar new good friends

Katrina and Ali Zafar: New ‘good friends’ in town!

Oi oi, look who’s bonding of late in glamour gaon? It’s Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar. Ali and Kat are said to be going saath-saath or khaana-peena on quite a few occasions.   Oh waise Kat [...]

I am not Wasim Akram’s Girfrinend: Says Humaima Malik

Pakistani model-turned-actress Humaima Malick feels angry on being linked with former cricketer Wasim Akram. The ‘Bol’ star, who has been constantly linked with former cricketer, mainly by the Indian [...]

Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi gets engaged

Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi’s engagement to British-based Pakistani Faha Akmal Makhdum takes place in Lahore.

Junaid Khan from Call Band ties the knot

This news was well kept secret from the media by Junaid Khan and his band mates as it is more of a personal matter. However, having facebook always ruins the surprise. We went on Junaid’s facebook and [...]
Vaneeza Ahmed’s marriage ceremony was a small affair.

Model Vaneeza Ahmad got married

Top fashion model Vaneeza Ahmad has married her friend Ali Afzal in a private ceremony in Lahore. The nikkah ceremony was held in a mosque in Defence on July 27th.

Salman Khan confirms Katrina split

What’s he saying about #Katrina-Kaif? And is he getting even closer to #Sonakshi-Sinha now? It’s the end of another complicated chapter in #Salman-Khan is always eventful love life, if he’s [...]

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Engagement with Sakshi Singh Rawat

One of India’s most eligible bachelors got engaged today. Four days before he turns 29, Team India skipper #Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni exchanged rings with #Sakshi-Singh-Rawat, a hotel management graduate, [...]

Film Actress ‘Nirma’ Proposed ‘Atif Aslam’

Film actress Nirma desired to get married to #Atif-Aslam today in an interview with Geo News. She said that she is deeply in love with #Atif-Aslam’s singing and his personality and wants to get married [...]

Gay and lesbian parties becoming open in India

Out of Sec 377 shadow, same-sex couples no longer have to hold super exclusive parties; doors are now open. From rare, expensive, hush-hush parties in the past to a multitude of well-publicised affordable [...]

Atif Aslam is getting engaged soon : Azfar Mani Show

Recently On #Azfar-Mani-Show with guest #Savera-Nadeem claimed #Atif-Aslam is getting engaged, they said something is happening and the girl is well known actress and model too. lets see when #Atif-Aslam [...]

Sania Mirza Shoaib Malik Valima Reception in Pakistan Pictures, Videos

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza with her husband and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik upon their arrival from India at the Karachi International Airport in Karachi. – Valima Pictures (Sialkot) #gallery-2 [...]

Muhammad Asif and Veena Malik Fight Over

After a long blame game, differences have been settled down between cricketer Muhammad Asif and actress Veena Malik. Asif’s friend Zahid Saif mediated between both of them to reconcile. Zahid Saif visited [...]

Sania Mirza Shoaib Malik On His Love Story Details 20th April 2010

In an exclusive interview to INDIATV, Sania and Shoaib Malik describe how and where they met, and the toll their controversial wedding has taken on the couple. Ready to pack up their bags to go to Pakistan, [...]
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