Vibes 2005 Concert in Dubai, April 2005

It’s Salman Ahmad that I have a problem with – Ali Azmat

The 41-year-old singer Ali Azmat is still one of the most outspoken figures out there, especially when it comes to the pop culture. The singer now says he has nothing against Junoon but he cannot tolerate [...]

Salman Ahmad (Junoon) Tweeted LOVE for J4JUMPY

Salman Ahmad, Lead singer of Pakistan’s pioneer rock band Junoon tweeted LOVE for J4JUMPY this morning 😀 We at J4JUMPY.NET take it as a real honour … Junoon for Life <3 Direct link [...]
JUNOON - PAKISTAN national anthem in UN Assembly

Chand Sitara: A very special Junoon20 moment at the UN general assembly

JUNOON – PAKISTAN national anthem in UN Assembly on 12SEP 2009 at NEW YORK (UN Assembly Hall) What a peformance by Salman Ahmed Junoon… WE PROUD OF YOU SALMAN BHAI! 🙂
Junoon 20 years of music express news

Express News – Special Program on Junoon’s 20th Anniversary

Its been 20 years since Junoon, the most iconic musical band to emerge from Pakistan, released its first album. On its 20th anniversary, Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Connel got together to re-record [...]
Salman Ahmad 2009

Interview: Do you think fans can relate to you singing the songs instead of Ali?

An Exclusive interview of Salman Ahmad with Fifi Haroon for Newsweek Pakistan Where did the idea to celebrate 20 years of Junoon come from? Someone tweeted me the YouTube link to Junoon’s first ever [...]

Interview: Did Salman get in touch with you for Junoon 20?

An Exclusive interview of Ali Azmat with Fifi Haroon for Newsweek Pakistan Did Salman get in touch with you for Junoon 20? He sent me emails, but I didn’t reply. There are some issues between me and [...]

Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

LAHORE – The trio was the heaviest thing that the Pakistani youth had ever come across. The hard, electric guitar riffs had sunk their talons in the minds of confused, angsty youth. Ali Azmat’s [...]
US-based Junoonis Salman Ahmad and Brian O’Connell discuss their journey as iconic contemporary Sufi musician

Junoon Anniversary: Twenty years gone by

KARACHI: Junoon’s journey, embarked by the launch of their first self-titled album Junoon in 1991, can be compared to a whirling dervish. Their first-ever PTV appearance was with their song “Neend [...]

Article: Song for the soul (If I Could Change): Salman Ahmad

KARACHI: Junoon’s founder and lead guitarist Salman Ahmad’s collaborative song with Jamaican artist Ziggy Marley and Somali sister-duo Sweet Rush was premiered at the World Humanitarian Day on August [...]

Salman Ahmad, Ziggy Marley & Sweet Rush – If I Could Change (World Humanitarian Day)

A single and accompanying music video ‘If I Could Change’ released today on World Humanitarian Day (19 August, 2011) to pay tribute to humanitarian workers around the world. The track is a collaboration [...]

Celebration: 20 years of Junoon

KARACHI: Junoon may not be a part of Pakistan’s mainstream music after Ali Azmat calling it quits in 2005, but lead guitarist and founder Salman Ahmad believes it’s “time to put the ‘Junooni’ [...]

Meera to appear in Big Boss 5

Big Boss reality TV show is very popular in India but most of the Pakistani doesn’t like the performance of the Pakistani actress Veena Malik in it. But now another Pakistani actress Meera is going to [...]

Open Your Eyes – Salman Ahmad with Peter Gabriel (Preview)

Pakistani rock band , Junoon’s founder, Salman Ahmad has composed and recorded a special song for Pakistan Flood relief called “Open Your Eyes”. Watch Video Preview:

Salman Ahmad Releases “Open Your Eyes” With Peter Gabriel & Alison Sudol

Pakistani rock band, Junoon’s founder, Salman Ahmad has composed and recorded a special song for Pakistan Flood relief called “Open Your Eyes”. Ahmad a UN goodwill ambassador has been brilliantly [...]

Alison Sudol to sing a Sufi inspired melody on ‘Pakistan Hamara’

Pakistani-born rock star #Salman-Ahmad to collaborate with American singer #Alison-Sudol for Pakistan flood victims song.

Salman Ahmed (Junoon) Declares ‘Rock & Roll Jihad’ Against Extremists

August 23, 2010 – By Ron Synovitz Salman Ahmad was a 19-year-old medical student in 1982 when he performed music on stage for the first time in his native Pakistan. Having just returned from six [...]

Salman Ahmad (Junoon) to collaborate with Peter Gabriel on ‘Khwab’

#Salman-Ahmad of #Junoon is all set to collaborate with the none other than ‘Peter Brian Gabriel‘, an English singer, musician and songwriter who rose to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the [...]

Do not judge me on 15 seconds – Salman Ahmad (Junoon)

This is a guest blog by #Salman-Ahmad of #Junoon tweet salman ahmed at http://twitter.com/sufisal I wonder why the same self-professed devout people who are offended by me do not react as zealously when [...]

Salman Ahmad’s latest interview for Rolling Stone

#Salman-Ahmad (#Junoon)’s Latest Interview for Rolling Stone

Rock & Roll Jihad: A self-righteous effort by a Muslim Rock Star (Salman Ahmed`s new book)

Instep takes a close look at Salman Ahmed`s new book Salman Ahmad`s – or rather Junoon`s – new song plays in the background as I think about his book: Rock & Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock [...]

Celebrities tweet and blog for Pakistani cricket

KARACHI: Celebrities shared their excitement for the ongoing World T20 as Pakistan pulled through against South Africa on Monday.

Salman Ahmed – Love can you take me back (Download Audio)

For all you Junooni’s out there: Junoon’s new single – ‘Love Can‘ is around the corner and due to release within the next couple of weeks. However Salman Ahmad has been generous enough to make [...]

Junoon Band & Ali Azmat Wallpapers

Junoon (Urdu: ????, literal English translation: “obsession/passion”) was Pakistan’s most popular rock band from Lahore. It was formed in 1990 by guitarist, songwriter and medical doctor [...]

Resolutions for 2009 one would love to hear (Pakistani Media Industry & Fashion)

The New Year always comes with an irrepressible urge to make that essential list of resolutions even if it is like writing your own doom, as resolutions never do get fulfilled. This list, which we hope [...]
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