Vj Mathira Goes Nude/Topless

Can anyone knock down the ‘Veena Malik Posing Nude’ for FHM magazine in India? Yes, Mathira has shown the courage of getting topless and that under the nose of Veena Malik.

Sexy TV host’s popularity underscores Pakistan’s contradictions says LA Times

Many consider Mathira immoral for her provocative attire and willingness to talk about taboo subjects such as sexuality, love and AIDS. Others admire her for pushing the limits. Mark Magnier, Los Angeles [...]

What Mathira and Paris Hilton don’t have in common

An article published in the Los Angeles Times describes notorious TV show host Mathira as “Pakistan’s Paris Hilton”. While the comparison does fit with regards to both women being sex symbols (don’t [...]

Mathira – The Pakistani Paris Hilton

Mathira Mohammad, the raunchy babe, provocative and truly a sex kitten, famous for her live ‘Love Indicator’ on Vibes has been labeled as the Paris Hilton of Pakistan by Los Angeles Times. Love [...]
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