Interview with “Try Drowning” (Holland Based Band – Exclusive)

Try Drowning (J4JUMPY.NET Exclusive Interview)

Try Drowning started in December 2003. The goal was to capture pure energy and emotion in loud rock music, influenced by the likes of Far, Faith No More, Placebo, Alien Ant Farm and At The Drive In.

Since December 2003, Try Drowning has released a self-titled demo (2004) and their debut-EP A Different Kind Of Winter (2005), which was very well received by the national press. From the start, Try Drowning has done performances all over The Netherlands, including renowned venues such as Melkweg, Tivoli and Paradiso. Try Drowning has shared the stage with many great bands such as Therapy?, Seether, Textures, The Maple Room, Wagtale, Sunset Vertigo and many, many more.

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Jumpy [Underground Media] – : Hello how you doing Try Drowning? Give us a little introduction about your selves.. Try Drowning: We are Try Drowning, we have been around since 2004. We play loud music. Our new cd is coming out in september and according to our calculations, it will be incredibly awesome. My name is Jelmer, I will be answering the questions in this interview.

Jumpy: How long you have been involved in media?
Try Drowning: I am not sure which medium you are referring to.

Jumpy: What does ” Try Drowning ” stand for? Who came up with it and how? [Any reason behind this name?
Try Drowning: The name was actually generated by a computer program I wrote. The program randomly combined words that we like and decided that it would be best for us to be known as Try Drowning.

Jumpy: Tell us something about “A Different Kind Of Winter”. What’s the concept behind this project?
Try Drowning: Well, this was pretty much our first EP. We basically tried to combine all our influences to make a record that wouldn’t sound like just another rock album. We tried to make it as diverse as we could at that moment in time, so we put some rock in it, a bit of metal, some electronics. And it worked, we got some great reviews and made some fans in our own country as well as abroad. Thematically, the record is about desperately wanting to get away from it all and at the same time wanting to stick around to fix everything that broken. And in the end, everything just turns out even worse. Very uplifting.

Jumpy: What had inspired you in making music?
Try Drowning: Personally, I really got into music at a young age when I discovered that music could really touch me emotionally…. and much more intensely than other forms of art. As for the band as a whole: we just got up one day and decided it would be worth the effort to start a new band, one that got everything right the first time. Which of course we didn’t.

Jumpy: How has your experience with Holland media been so far?
Try Drowning: Lots of online media have been very nice to us. As for radio and television: I don’t think they have heard of us. At least not nearly enough.

Jumpy: How importance a role does play in terms of national outlook? Do you see our media meeting all criteria?
Try Drowning: This is a very good question. I would have to really dig deep into the subject matter to be able to come up with a satisfying answer. To be honest, I don’t really understand this question.

Jumpy: What about your music education?
Try Drowning: We are part self-taught and part theory-based. Its useful to know a bit about music theory, it makes it easier to communicate about what you are doing. But as far as the creative process is concerned, we just play what sounds right and try to piece everything together so it fits our collective taste.

Jumpy: Tell us about your recordings (describe your style and every recording)?
Try Drowning: We haven’t recorded much yet, just a demo, our EP and a live session. The way we record is quite complicated. We record in different locations, carry around hard drives from one place to another and work with lots of different people to make it all sound good.

As for the style: our first (untitled) demo was just a rough sketch, an outline of what we wanted to do musically. We made it just to put ourselves on the map, make our existence known and to be able to do our first shows right away. Next, we made some more elaborate recordings, which became a different kind of winter. On this cd we used some more interesting song structures, more weirdness and more electronics. Plus we tried to make it sound as slick as possible through loads of editing and mixing.

Our next record will probably sound a little dirtier, more intense and energetic. But who knows… we are not nearly done recording yet.

Jumpy: What we can expect from “Try” in the future? Have you chalked out an entire plan. If so, please to share it with us.
Try Drowning:
The band is getting ready to record loads and loads of new stuff. Some of it will be on our website before the end of april actually. And in september we will release our new cd and then we will see what happens. Our website will be completely redesigned to be more complementary to the music, as opposed to just a bunch of mp3s and tourdates.

Jumpy: Sources of inspiration? What inspires you when composing a song?
Try Drowning:
When we are composing a song, we try to meet a couple of conditions: the music should contain some kind of energy, evoke a certain mood and be exciting and adventurous enough not to qualify as stale, generic boring rock music. We will just play anything that comes to mind and see if it meets these criteria. I don’t really know where the inspiration comes from though.

Jumpy: Type of music you like/dislike?
Try Drowning:
There are plenty of bands I totally love, but lets face it: most of the music out there is just crap. I don’tt particularly like bands that lack originality and sound like every other crappy band.

Jumpy: Where do you think that music from The Netherlands stands in world?
Try Drowning:
I think that like every other country, the Netherlands have a couple of acts that really stand out and have international potential. And like every other country, most of the music thats being made just isn’t that interesting.

Jumpy: Its your first interview with any Pakistani e-zine so how your feeling and your thoughts on it.
Try Drowning:
I must say that the questions you are asking have a very interesting angle, as wel as interesting grammar.

Jumpy: Would you like to perform at any stage/time in Pakistan?
Try Drowning:
I think it would cost quite a lot of money to actually get to Pakistan, but if anyone comes to us with an interesting offer we will definitely think about it!

Jumpy: What are your views on J4jumpy.NET work for the upcoming bands/artists. Any message for our E-Zine?
Try Drowning:
Just keep doing what you do, its awesome.

Jumpy: Do you think that Jumpy’s step towards being Globalize will help new underground bands from all over the Globe?
Try Drowning:
We are completely in favor of websites promoting underground music across the globe!

Jumpy: Would you like give any message for your fans and upcoming bands.
Try Drowning:
Go get our new CD when it comes out. Like I said, it will be awesome!

Interview Conducted by Khurram Abbas aka Kay





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