Exclusive Interview with BOHEMIA – The Punjabi Rapper

A Little About BOHEMIA (RAJA)
After immigrating to the West over ten years ago, Ra (short for Raja) came to realize that the South Asian experience in America wasn’t all nice cars and palm trees. On the contrary, he found himself living amongst murderers and drug dealers.

Through his experiences, come raw, hard-edged raps depicting not just California street life, but a life many South Asians lead in America. His lyrics are in Punjabi, while many of the hooks are in English. Placed over hip-hop beats, Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper makes it seem as though Punjabi was made to be rapped rather than merely spoken.

BOHEMIA - The Punjabi Rapper

Raja looks up to artists such as Jagjeet Singh and the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His music has created a big impact on the streets of America and he has a large underground following and is widely recognized as the pioneer of Desi Hip Hop.

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Jumpy [Underground Media] – : Hello how you doing Bohemia?
Bohemia: By the grace of God, I am doing well thanks.

Jumpy: First of all tell us whats the meaning of your name? This is your real name or media name?
Bohemia: Bohemia is a name given to me because of its meaning; you call someone a bohemian if they don’t follow anyone else footsteps and creates their own path for the rest to follow you feel me?

Jumpy: As your songs/lyrics are really matching with our Pakistani culture but what about the videos why these videos different from the songs/lyrics?
Bohemia: My first video sahara from the album Pesa Nasha Pyar won about 5 film fare awards and the new video kurti is still up in the top ten on Mtv-Desi and I am really thankful to all my fans and the supports of the desi-hip-hop movement for that. Its good to see that people recognize the fact that my music exposes them to a new culture so many of young desi kids like me live out abroad.

Jumpy: How long you have been involved in media?
Bohemia: I have been writing poetry since I was very little; my favorite poet of all time is still Mirza Ghalib. My dad introduce me to playing harmonium at a very early age and ever since I have been fascinated by music being a form of self expression.

Jumpy: What had inspired you in making music?
Bohemia: I feel the culture and the lifestyle that many south East Asians live out here (in America) is a lot different than desis living back home and with my music I hope to expose this to the world. I feel that theres not enough media representation of this fact and by the time we as a community will catch up to these issues, it will be too late for our youth and we wont be able to do much to save them from the out side influences and from the late of education they have about there own culture. Hopefully when they hear my music, they will be worried and will get up and do something about it (laughs out loud).

Jumpy: How has your experience with Pakistani media been so far?
Bohemia: Its been great and I look forward to talking to more Pakistani media and introducing desi-hip-hop.

Jumpy: What about your music education?
Bohemia: Like I mentioned, my music education started with my first guru my dad who introduce me to the magic of music. After that, the rest of what I do and know is self tough. I look up to artists like Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Madam Noor Jahan and pop pioneers like Vital Signs, I am real proud to have lived in their era.

Jumpy: Tell us about your recordings (describe your style and every recording)?
Bohemia: My recordings are really straight forward. I write all my lyrics and produce most of my beats. When I am writing its real important for me to be honest with my listeners, and when I am recording, I like doing one take recording so you hear what I felt as I felt it, without rehearing it and making it up, you know what I mean?

Jumpy: What we can expect from Bohemia in the future?
Bohemia: Have you chalked out an entire plan? If so, please do share it with us. I haven’t chalked out an entire plan at all. I am a free soul and I like to keep it that way, know what I mean? I am back in the studio recoding for my new album Punjabi Rap Star with Universal Music Group. I hope to stay true to my name and keep writing. I have a lot of young desi kids looking up to me and I can’t let them down.

Jumpy: What are your views on J4jumpy.NET work for the upcoming bands/artists. Any message for our E-Zine?
Bohemia: Keep supporting the fresh new talents and keep giving young leaders a chance to speak. A lot of desi media is controlled by old timers with ego trips and that gets in the way of a lot of young artists trying to get out to their fans.

Jumpy: Would you like give any message for your fans and upcoming bands
Bohemia: To my fans and friends, everybody hitting up my home on the web www.thepunjabirapper.com I would like to thank you all for the support and love and I only hope to stay alive and pay you all back with my music. To all up and coming bands and artist I say, keep it real, be honest to your fans and leave the rest up to God. Much love and respect – Bohemia

Source Link: https://j4jumpy.net/interviews/bohemia.htm

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