Faakhir’s ‘Marjawan’ makes it to Hollywood

Faakhir (Pakistani pop star)
Faakhir (Pakistani pop star)

Faakhir may not have a fan following like Ali Azmat or Atif Aslam, but he definably has made it to Hollywood way before these musicians.

The rights of Faakhir’s hit track ‘Marjawan’ have been bought by a motion picture in Los Angeles.

It is currently slated for placement in the Stiletto Productions LLC in the independent feature motion picture Stiletto, starring Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winner Tom Berenger and actor Tom Sizemore (one saw him in Red Planet, Pearl Harbour, Devil In a Blue Dress and The Last Lullaby).

‘Marjawan’ was heard before in Emraan Hashmi’s hit Aashiq Banaya Aapne, to which he danced away in the rain with Tanushree Dutta. But that wasn’t Faakhir’s melody, who claims that the song was used without his consent. He furthermore claimed that the video of ‘Marjawan’ was due to be shot in 2002 but was delayed halfway through and couldn’t make it to the charts due to certain commitments and promises.

In Stiletto, ‘Marjawan’ is to be placed as a full-length background score for one of the scenes and according to Faakhir, is the most suitable for it. The producers of the film are also showing interest in Faakhir’s forthcoming album, which was scheduled to be released by the mid of this year but has now been delayed to early next year.

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