Naya Din by AXIS Band – Download MP3

Click here to download Naya Din by AXIS Band

About Axis Band:
Fahad Ali  – Vocalist
Farhan Majeed – Bass Guitarist
Ali Nazir – Lead Guitarist

Official website :

Naya Din Video:





5 responses to “Naya Din by AXIS Band – Download MP3”

  1. Afreen Avatar

    wow!!! i like this song aloottt.. gr8 song, music, lyrics & video.
    well I’m the biggest fan of axis. best of luck guys!!! 🙂

  2. Fatima Hussain Avatar

    luv the new voice.God bless you n do ROCK us sOOOON agaiN!

  3. Adnan Avatar

    hey nice work, after a long time i ve seen an impressive band… of luck u guyz…

  4. adeel Avatar

    this band rocks

  5. adeel Avatar

    this band doesn’t sounds like a underground band ,wonderful song ,great lyrics and superb voice ..this band rocks

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